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Hammered By The Blues #702

Rebroadcast of Hammered By The Blues show # 702
Featurin' Savoy Brown; Tom Euler; Nancy Wright; Jim Zeller; and Heather Newman

Hammered by the Blues #701

Rebroadcast of Hammered By The Blues Show #701 
Featuring Michael Charles; Bushmaster; Diana Rein; Whitey Johnson; and Tullie Brae

Hammered by the Blues #700

Rebroadcast of Hammered By The Blues Show #700 
Featuring J.P. Reali; Jon Gindick; Grady Champion; Terry Robb; and The Forty Fours

Hammered By The Blues #699

Rebroadcast of Hammered By The Blues Show #699  

Featuring Ross Osteen Band; Michele D'Amour & The Love Dealers; Paula Harris; Dawn Tyler Watson; and B.B. King Blues Band

Hammered By The Blues #698

Rebroadcast of Hammered By The Blues #698 

featuring: Altered Five Blues Band; Barbara Healy; Jennifer Truesdale; Steve Howell & Jason Weinheimer; and Albert Castiglia

Hammered By The Blues #697

Rebroadcast of Hammered By The Blues #697 

featuring: Bad Influence; Kelly's Lot; Jimmy Wolf; Reverend Freakchild; and Harpdog Brown


Hammered By The Blues #696

Rebroadcast of Hammered By The Blues Show #696 

Featuring Texas Horns; John Clifton; Cash Box Kings; Peter Ward; and Christone 'Kingfish' Ingram

Gamblin' Virgin Mary

Catch Me When I Fall

'Gamblin' Virgin Mary' and 'Catch Me When I Fall' by Lisa Mann off 'Satisfied'

Your Kinda Love

Gettin' Stronger

'Your Kinda Love' and 'Gettin' Stronger' by Mary Bridget Davies off 'Wanna Feel Something'

More Than Meets The Eye

My Life In Bags

"More Than Meets The Eye" and "My Life In Bags" by Bobby Messano off 'That's Why I Don't Sing The Blues' 2011 on Prince Frog Records

Eatin' At Lulu's

New Shoes

'Eatin' At Lulu's' and 'New Shoes' by J. Edwards off Lulu's House released on Serenity Hill Records 2010

Love Is

'Love Is' duet by Don Ray and Shawn Murphy originally done by Don alone on his 'Lonesome Rider' album 2010 Margdon Records

The Blues Don't Tell It All

It Takes A Lot To Laugh.....

'The Blues Don't Tell It All' and 'It Takes a Lot To Laugh, It Takes a Train To Cry' by Shaun Murphy off 'Trouble With Lovin' on the Serenity Hill Label 2010

Some People

The Woodsman

'Some People' and 'The Woodsman' by The Terry Quiett Band off 'Just My Luck' on Lucky Bag Records 2011

Cut You Loose

Sleep All Day

'Cut You Loose' and 'Sleep All Day' by Chrissie O'Dell & One Hot Mess off 'If I had A Dime'  from DimeTime Productions 2010

East St. Louis

Give it all Away by Scottie Miller

'Give It All Away' and 'East St. Louis' off 'Scottie Miller Band Live' released Dec. 2009

by Scottie Miller

Done Love Wrong Cee Cee James

'Done Love Wrong' off 'Low Down Where The Snakes Crawl' by Cee Cee James

on the FWG Records label 2008

Nobodys Home Sonny Robertson

'Nobody's Home' off 'From The Banks of the Mississippi -Kissing The Monkey'

by Sonny Robertson released 2008 on Wann-Sonn Records

Look No Further

'Look No Further' off 'Blues You Can Feel' by Patty Harper & Faultline

Witch Doctor Mick Hayes

'Witch Doctor' off 'Segue' EP by Mick Hayes

Wake Up & Watch me Leave

'Wake Up And Watch Me Leave' by Burton Gaar off 'Fried Grits & Greens' released on Sound Ventures Records 2011

One Day

'One Day' by The Johnny Max Band off 'It's A Long Road' on Pour Soul Records 2010

Ain't My Time To Sing The Blues

'Ain't My Time To Sing The Blues' by Sabrina Weeks & Swing Cat Bounce off 'Tales From Lenny's Diner' self produced 2010

Born Again Bluesman

'Born Again Bluesman' by Stevie J off 'Standin' At The Station' on 'The Diversity Project' released by Blue Skunk Records 2010

Straight Tequila


'Straight Tequila' and '95%' by Blues Cargo off 'Delayed Delivery' 2011

Still In Love

'Still In Love' by Pete Anderson featuring Bekka Bramlett off 'Even Things Up' released 2011 on the Vizztone label


Corner Booth

'Cookieman' and 'Corner Booth' by Ron Tanski off 'Dragged You Down' released 2010

Middle Man

"Middle Man" by The Vincent Hayes Project off Reclamation on the North 61 label 2010

By My Side

Who's Foolin' Who

"By My Side" and "Who's Foolin' Who" by Jimmy Pritchard off Goin' Down 9 self produced 2010

I Might Just Say Goodbye

The High Road

"I Might Just Say Goodbye" and "The High Road" by Don Ray off On Top Of The Heap on the Margdon Label 2009

Bed of Blues

'Bed of Blues' by Roxy Perry off 'In MY Sweet Time' released on BluePerry Hill Records 2008

Nobody Loves Me Like You Do

'Nobody's Ever Loved Me Like You Do' by Kirsten Thien off 'Delicious' released 2010 on Screen Door Records

Happy Hour Girl


'Happy Hour Girl' and 'Guilty' by Deb Callahan off 'Grace & Grit' released 2008

Mr. Lies

"Mr. Lies" by Becki Sue & Her Big Rockin' Daddies off Big Rockin' Boogie released 2010 on Underworld Records

Unlucky Girl

'Unlucky Girl' by Karen Lovely off Lucky Girl by Pretty Pear Records 2009

Just Count The Days

"Just Count The Days" by Reverend Raven & The Chainsmokin' Altarboys off 'Shake Your Boogie' Nevermore Records 2010

I Don't like To Brag

"I Don't Like To Brag" by Chris bell & 100% Blues off The Devil, My Guitar & Me released 2010 on Silverbridge Records

Long John Blues

"Long John Blues" by Robin Rogers off 'Time For Me' 2001

I'm Not The Woman I Used To Be

'I'm Not The Woman I Used To Be' off 'Lemonace' by Cathy Lemons and Johnny Ace released 2009

Long Greasy Night

'Long Greasy Night' off 'Playing The Game' by Kevin Selfe and the Tornadoes recorded 2009

Somebody Lied by Downchild

'Somebody Lied' off 'I Need a Hat' by Downchild recorded 2009

It Is What It Is

'It Is What It Is' off 'Vampire Nights' by Orlando Napier

The Blues is a Living Thing

'The Blues Is A Living Thing' off 'I Believe You Know The Blues' by Cheryl Renee

'Alcohall of Fame' by Barfly Blues

'Alcohall of Fame' by The Bar Fly Blues Band 2009

Play My Blues For You

How You Sleepin' Baby

'Play My Blues For You' and 'How You Sleepin' Baby?' off 'Noname, Small Town Blues' by Deep Water Reunion

I Smell Trouble by Audrey Turner

'I Smell Trouble' by Audrey Turner

Follow Me... by Peter McGraw

'Follow Me To The Blues' off 'Follow Me To The Blues' by Peter McGraw

released on Blues Destiney Records 2008

Cold Cold Feelin Zakiya Hooker

'Cold Cold Feeling' off 'Keeping It Real' by Zakiya Hooker

released on Boogie With The Hook Records 2009

12 Bar Blues Reba Russell

'12 Bar Blues' off 'Bleeding Heart' by Reba Russell

released 2008

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