'Hammered By The Blues' Burma Shave Poetry

It's a good day when you arise fully aware;
Grateful for your gifts that you freely share;
But it's a great day when challenged to rise above;
By responding to hatred with compassion and love!

There ain't no secret in how to build a good life;
It starts with respect and avoiding petty strife;
It all comes full circle when gratitude is your guide;
Allow compassion for all mankind nourish your pride!

Sadly we live in a time where truth is attacked;
We're prone to accept memes not factually backed;
It's time to renew respectful communication one on one;
Adopting reasonable compromise that embraces everyone!

If you come to a crossroads, compelled to choose;
Embrace your core values, and you'll never loose;
Choices are easy to make but hard to follow thru on;
It takes grit and integrity, flexin' determination brawn!

Are you driven by fears or by positive inspiration;
What occupies your thoughts becomes your narration;
That dialog influences your world for good or for bad;
You can choose to uplift with love, or be stagnantly sad!

Hatred and fear spreads with the speed of a hurricane;
Twisting truth to suit ideology, inspiring anger and pain;
Love and compassion builds trust at a slower, steadier pace;
Creating bonds of understanding throughout the human race!

Our time here is a beautiful gift, although painfully finite;
We strive, learn and create, hopefully impacting bright;
Our life is defined in memories carried by loved ones we touch;
It's communion of joy in our simple journey, cherished so much!

It is very difficult to teach, but we all naturally learn;
We're the sum of our perceptions of which we discern;
We are who we are, sewing chaos or peace, along the way;
Either part of the problem or part of the fix at the end of day!

Reasonable folks can disagree on issues of the day;
It's commonsensible to foster respect with 'us' vs 'they';
When it's all said and done, it's about the commonality of 'we';
One Planet, One People, One Love when we become hatred free!

If you end up again somewhere you don't wanna be;
You may realize your old tricks are no longer the key;
To learn from mistakes you must work a better plan;
Kick the old you to the curb and stand up like a man!

Some folks rely on luck, others on pure-d skill;
Serendipity's OK but solid talent will always kill;
Work your craft, woodshed some more and then repeat;
The rewards will be evident and success will taste sweet!

Fear in general; of loss, of 'different', or even of change;
Is so unnecessary, moving you right into hatred's range;
We simply gotta live together, progressin' forward as one;
Trade fear for love 'n respect to preserve our future's run!

If your narrative is filled with vitriol and derision;
It's an indication that you need a spiritual revision;
Your time here is short, don't waste it disrespectful and hatin';
Rejoice in your ride, replete with compassion and appreciatin'!

If yer still learnin', you're still growin';
If you're still growin', life is still flowin';
The path ahead might not be as long as the path behind;
Just keep steppin' side by side with the rest of mankind!

It is all very transitory, designed to be enjoyed right now;
Don't waste time regretin' the past or sweatin' future how;
Life tickles your palate after the lips, yet before you swallow;
Savor moments before they're gone leavin' you sad and hollow!

Modern politics practiced seems to divide;
Civility withers as alternative facts misguide;
Truth is black and white, not differing shades of gray;
Common goals, simple solutions insure we win the day!

When dreams require life imbued;
You must gird your loins and collude;
Tap all resources and forge relentlessly ahead;
Until your success is demonstrably widespread!

Honor and integrity will wash away sins of the past;
It ain't what you've done, it's about direction recast;
The path is full of conflicts, and we all have feet of clay;
But character defines you, guiding you safely on the way!

In trying times, have faith in your sisters and brothers;
With respect, share the love for all fathers and mothers;
We pray for the day when mankind understands we are all One;
Make respectful compassion our mantra for peace under the sun!

There is magic in our hearts, share it with all;
There is joy to be spread, heed the season's call;
Practice random acts of kindness, inspired by grace above;
Change the world with the undeniable power of pure love!

Don't espouse resolutions, just commit to change;
Imagine goals with purpose and priority arranged;
What you think about you will bring about with a bit of grit;
The new you looks good on you, once your old habits are quit!

Real Peace is not just the absence of strife;
It is heartfelt love 'n respect for EVERY life;
It's tough to embrace if you heed fear's clarion call;
Work for a better US, and tear down hatred's wall!

Be true to your cause, but don't beat a dead horse;
Learn to abide, reconcile and move on, of course;
All things have purpose, and end up just as they should;
Serenity thru acceptance and wisdom makes it all good!

Truth is always Truth, but common sense is rare;
It needs to be nurtured with practice and care;
We know what we likes, we need to spread it around;
With respect and One Love, universal kindness is found!

Shared Love creates joy and don't cost a thing;
It warms all folks hearts and makes souls sing;
It ain't just for the season, it's but a simple way to live;
In the end, the joy received is equal to the Love you give!

Delivered loud and consistent, lies are embraced as fact;
Detail fades quickly as the news cycle is carefully stacked;
Inquiring minds now accept 'facts', alternative and self serving;
Taking in just enough information to make ignorance deserving!

The best 'arrow' in our Character Quiver is tolerance;
It is an effective tool to overcome our base ignorance;
We can't be expected to understand everyone's intention;
But we can 'live and let live', engaging in hate abstention!

You'd do best to trade out your fear for curiosity;
It helps your heart exfoliate unattractive callosity;
You'll be amazed to discover what we can achieve together;
Breaking the cycle of prejudice, cutting loose hatred's tether!

It seems as tho our differences separate us;
As we berate, isolate and create a big fuss;
We should not feel attacked, as if it's a personal issue;
Seize opportunities to unite, compromise and continue!

Don't be part of the problem, take a role in the solution;
Share the love, extend respect, and make a contribution;
We are all in this together, on a tiny speck in the universe;
We either advance together in unity, or abortively disperse!

If you complained today, you just wasted your time;
If you were grateful today, you embraced joy sublime;
When you commit an act of kindness, without getting caught;
The world becomes brighter, spreading the good that you got!

You can't accept inclusion, if you base your conclusions on fear;
Neither fight nor flight inspire peace, love or understanding here;
Makin' things better while hangin' in this time and in this place;
Requires practicin' selfless kindness; with the serenity you embrace!

We live in a time where the truth never seems clear;
It is a rare and precious thing, obviously very dear;
The value is sterling, it's desirability and pursuit is paramount;
It is more important than ever to embrace and never discount!

With time, folks will forget the lies that you tell;
They will even forgive evil deeds deserving Hell;
The one thing that defines, what they won't forget;
Is how you make 'em feel; whether joyous or upset!

A self-aware being will establish values as a guide;
Whether open to possibilities or trapped by fear inside;
The choice is singular, neither all right nor entirely wrong;
The world created is either One Love or a cliquish throng!

Love and Hate are reactions to our world's view;
It's determined by our attitude, as if right on cue;
What influences that sentiment is either fear or gratitude;
Soar thru life with pure joy or build hard walls to exclude!

Pop always said there's more horses asses than horses;
Advising folks possessing common sense to join forces;
Since one step forward with two steps back ain't efficient;
Avoid the stray asses and rise above the fray, omniscient!

So reasonable folks will disagree on issues, that's true;
Both may've honorable perceptions but contrary view;
We must reconcile without fear at the end of the day;
Diffuse barbed issues, simple compromise is the way!

You can't fight politics and you can't change religion;
You CAN find common ground to help end division;
After all, if you don't do it, heaven knows 'they' won't;
Get along, evolve, thrive together in peace;..or don't!

As you travel this life, eyes open wide;
Let honor and integrity be your guide;
Don't be hobbled by fear or the hatred it creates;
Soar with One Love, shedding prejudice's weights!

It ain't words that sound honest and true;
It's actions and facts that define true blue;
What you hear and read may be self serving lies;
Relax, trust your heart, keepin' eyes on the prize!

It 's not about 'you', it's all about 'US';
We're all passengers on a worldwide bus;
We gotta get along in case that 'bus' breaks down;
The only way forward is embracin' common ground!

If you believe the path thru your life is unfairly tough;
YOU chose the direction to learn when enough's enough;
You can only move forward when your lesson is learned;
Otherwise you'll repeat mistakes without serenity earned!

If, at the end of your long journey, you come to find;
Service to others was always at the top of your mind;
With generosity, kindness in your heart, and mistakes rectified;
You've lived your life well; ascend with honor, peace and pride!

If someone were to judge human evolution so far;
It'd shock ‘em we've managed to get where we are;
The first nonnegotiable rule of a self aware creature;
Respect ALL life before self, with love as your teacher!

In today's world, our expectations are rarely met;
Sometimes it's sweet, sometimes not, it's a safe bet;
Know in the Grand Scheme there's a balance for us pawn;
Simply go with the flow, your OK, Stay Calm and Carry On!

Truth can't be constructed, opinion based, or fabricated;
Even tho in social media 'alternate facts' are celebrated;
We need to rise above and accept realities inconvenient;
Embracing our basic similarities to dispel disagreement!

If you wanna make a change, better start now;
Don't wait for a moment or be slowed by how;
Avoid the stagnation while analyzing your plan;
Go with love in your heart, applyin' gentle hand!

Hang on to the lessons learned in the sandbox;
Don't eat the wet sand and never throw rocks;
Build what you dream, don't stop ‘til completed;
And treat all kids just like you wanna be treated!

Time is a nonrenewable commodity that always is spent;
Don't prioritize and you'll wonder where the heck it went;
All things can be accomplished if you stick to a plan true;
Take one step at a time all the time to insure diligence due!

Don't take the bait from meme's posted on the net;
Whatever the subject, it's designed to justify or upset;
Dulling desire for truth and shorten your attention span;
Keeping us divided, numb and programmed like a caveman!

Joy grows from a seed, nurtured by the music you love;
It magically converts the negatives you must dispose of;
Sharing with others and spreading harmony is the best gift;
Creating happiness and soulful tranquility, a spiritual up lift!

It's said that what you think about;
Is exactly what you will bring about;
Intentional living will breathe life into your belief;
Change the world, share the love, bestow relief!

When love's freely offered with no intention of harms;
It Influences the intractable and peacefully disarms;
It's a start that basks two souls in a light from above;
Pass it on to spread peace that we all can be part of!


Some days it seems like fate conspires against us;

It may confound, frustrate and inspire us to cuss;

That's when the three steps forward require one step back;

Embrace the zen of perspective, peacefully keepin' on track!



Strap yourself in, seize all control and plan the ride;

It's your road, whether up and down or side to side;

It is completely up to you to define the lessons learned;

With integrity and compassion, reap the wisdom earned!



Chaos always rains down in our agitated world;

Don't let it define and make you fetally curled;

No matter the maelstrom, peace is always intimately near;

With a heart filled with love, compassion and absence of fear!



Make time to shut down the computer, turn off the phone;

Consider it an old school mental health day in a peace zone;

They say 'No news is good news', and today that's particularly true;

It is the best way to refresh, recover, and adjust perspective anew!



Spring is a time of cleansing rebirth;

For us individuals as well as the earth;

Plant seeds of empathy to foster understanding;

Nurture compassion while your love is expanding!



I believe we all 'got' simple math in elementary schools;

Odd that politicians, pundits and opines think we're fools;

One side says 1 and 1 is 2.5, the other swears it is one and a half;

Truth remains in the middle, don't ever put stock their fuzzy math!



The grand success of progress is insured at the start;

It's initiative, integrity and drive, not your plans, so smart;

If ya got the gumption to find your purpose, and achieve your goal;

It don't matter how messy the journey if you remain true to your soul!



Man's inhumanity seems more prevalent as society ages;

It is a sign of greed driven bent, that races to end stages;

Remember all life is a gift, to loudly defend and deeply cherish;

Lest we sell our humanity cheap and without a whisper, perish!



Shining a light on controversy, the cause is mostly the same;

Applying common wisdom just doesn't assign correct blame;

The opinions of human beings are based on emotional evolution;

While technology has passed us by, overwhelming our resolution!



Hang on to old school principles to help get ya thru;

No matter what Naybobs and bought politicians do;

They're transitory inconveniences, like zits on yer nose;

Clean 'em up, they won't be here long, everyone knows!



We should strive to make tomorrow better than today;

Learn from the past and adjust is simply the best way;

The choice is yours to make, you improve or stagnate;

Pro-gress or wallow in excuses you constantly conflate!



Sometimes the best laid plans crash and go awry;

The flu may kick our ass; hopin' we curl up and die;

The world ain't always our oyster and our luck may even fail;

But gettin' up beats the alternative of slippin' beyond the pale!



Ain't got time to ponder the priorities of the mainstream;

The good Lord knows it's enough to make a person scream;

Take solace in the notion you're in total control of your choices;

Just treat folks right, pay it forward and ignore discordant voices!



When the flow of current events attacks values held dear;

Know in your heart: Love beats hate; hope overcomes fear;

It may not seem like much, but it is everything; guaranteed;

It will soothe your worried mind and leave your spirit freed!



We have faith in our sisters and brothers;

We have love for all fathers and mothers;

We pray for a day when we embrace us as One;

With compassion and peace for all under the sun!



As we look about, we tend to focus on our differences;

It may be our appearance, or it might be preferences;

The fact is we all have much more in common it seems;

Each and everyone of us are surely united by our dreams!



We reconcile the old and look forward to the new;

It is what well adjusted, optimistic good folk do;

Lift a glass toastin' friends who passed & to a fresh new year;

Hopin' after 365 we will be healthy, much wiser, AND still here!



The path we choose is based on what we believe;

Belief is trust, faith and confidence conceived;

It ain't necessarily hard facts or tangible matter;

Challenge your opinions often to clear banal chatter!



Serendipity brings opportunity to your door;

Attitude and action determine loss or score;

Ya can't blame the stars or even dumb luck;

If fear paralyzes, someone else gets the buck!



A life well lived is honored by being grateful;

Appreciating it all whether joyous or fateful;

All you really have when it’s said and done;

Are memories, self-respect and love by the ton!



Ya can't change the stripes on an ol' cat;

It ain't in yer power to teach where it's at;

What you can do is do the best with YOUR life;

Leavin' the fools in the dust wrestlin' with strife!



It is ironic that our small differences are first to cause irreparable divide;

While our huge similarities bind us together in tragedy's overwhelming tide;

When we're all overcome by the darkness before the dawn, hope is resolute;

We should keep hope alive daily, share love freely, to insure peace absolute!



Some folks see the brilliance, even in darkest hours grip;

With faith that's resolute, no matter how bleak the trip;

Others believe they're victims, overcome by constant deception;

The difference simply is, a matter of their chosen perception!



The world we live in, is in constant change;

You learn, adapt, overcome, and rearrange;

Love based paradigms just may insure our continuance;

By creating a better humanity in our sphere of influence!



Become a voice of change, a power for good;

Forget what might've been, but do what could;

Monumental change begins with one idea grown in one heart;

Create a tidal wave of pure love, givin' mankind a fresh start!



Most enlightened folks learned the right life stuff in the sand box;

It's those simple lessons that comfort and ease life's hard knocks;

It's not too late to reflect and embrace those simple, yet effective truths;

It ain't the wisdom come from a hard road, it's the epiphany of youths!



What you sow, so shall you reap;

With discord, it's anger you'll keep;

If the harvest you crave is happiness and peace;

Plant seeds of love, compassion and never cease!



Mistakes repeated seem to indicate predilection;

Like crack, they can become a thorny addiction;

If the path you walk feels like it's under a bad sign;

Adjust your state of mind and stroll in your sunshine!



Modern news is salacious entertainment using directed opacity;

Pure truth is twisted, creating a particular constructed reality;

We abandon cognitive analysis to accept fabricated alternate facts;

Effectively dumbing down humanity, giving common sense the axe!



From the dawn, mankind has amazed with it’s innovation and technology;

But this species who have come so far with limited knowledge of cosmology;

Still cling to the ways before the dawn; fearful, insular, divisive and hateful;

So even with great progress, peace remains elusive, keepin' the future fateful!



The world is full of self-centered, snap chattin', tweetin', selfie takin' folk;

It's evolution of shallow techno-social interaction, makin' humanity a joke;

Stalled at a crossroads-choosin' moment, do we drive or lay under the bus;

Pogo summed it up right: "Yep Son, We have met the enemy and he is us"!



Don't despair or cave on in when hatred comes to town;

It's the darkside of humanity designed to bring you down;

Testing your resolve and faith that pure love is the ultimate power;

Human kindness, acceptance and forgiveness will triumph and tower!



When technology outstrips common sense, emboldened by greed;

We cling to puerile pursuits rather than addressing other's need;

Evolution of mankind's spirit will shrivel if compassion is cast aside;

Embrace the 'one of us' as 'the all of us', then hatred cannot abide!



The world may seem to spin askew every now and then;

To return the balance adjust your attitude, embracing zen;

The external forces that demand your attention are beyond control;

Shed perceptions based on illusion and fear, to bring peace to yer soul!



The skills you were given for yer time here are a gift from above;

They serve you always thru trials, triumphs, tribulations, and love;

Those gifts with a strong faith are all the tools that you really need;

With humility your anchor, gratitude and hope insure you'll succeed!



We celebrate the good, shed tears for the bad, keepin' on keepin' on;

That's simply a human event reaction and has been since time's dawn;

But reactions reinforce the illusion, that we have absolutely no control;

While true intentional living defines your path giving power to the soul!



The power of the people is dependent on the unity of one;

Takin' a step at a time, movin' forward until the day is done;

Be grateful for accomplishment and blessed for those you touch;

Cause happiness is a way of life with leverage to change so much!



We've come a long way, but got farther to go, as you can plainly see;

We must put others first, love flat out, and insure no child goes hungry;

It seems overwhelming, an impossible dream, a task beyond all means;

But if we work together, one day at a time, it ain't as hard as it seems!



Charity begins at home, but our home is planet wide;

We must care for all, whether on the right or left side;

Respect and honor should be pandemic, a virus from above;

Spreadin' thru every heart and soul, leavin' the legacy of love!



It's what you don't expect that creates opportunity grand;

It's how you react, embrace & capitalize that fills the hand;

Ya gots no say at all in what comes your way, whether bad or good;

But you are in full control to direct a sweet result, just like it should!



Your proclivities and inclinations tug on your journey of choice;

The path you choose is best when you challenge that inner voice;

Consider values held in your heart rather than indulgent craving;

You can effect change in your world that is holistically lifesaving!



Anxiety is self-fueled and drowns in an unending wave;

Created by fear in our mind it causes our spirit to cave;

Ignore the overwhelming 'what might be' and focus on 'the now';

Swim the emotional stream just one stroke at a time is the how!



Age only matters if you spend time countin' the days;

Instead of focusin' on the journey, growin' in all ways;

It don't matter 'what' you are, defined by accomplishments and skills;

It's the 'who' you are, with honor and integrity payin' life's daily bills!



Start each day remembering ‘why’ you do what it is you do;

It is the rationale and reason that renews the spirit for you;

You won't get burnt out by everyday tasks and chores you ply;

If you go about gettin' to the 'get', without forgettin' the 'why'!



Trust is surely the bedrock of any relationship;

You're either totally singular or in partnership;

It's freely offered, but destroyed by acts callous and self serving;

The truth of it is some folks are just too immature to be deserving!



There is a difference in doin' what's 'right' and doin' the 'right thing';

What's 'right' is only for your own benefit, like grabbin' that brass ring;

The 'right thing' is for the good of All, with no regard of how you may pay;

Karma tallies those choices, balancin' your account at the end of the day!



Friendship and kindness are freely offered, trust must be earned;

If you’re betrayed, forgiveness is easy, just a tough lesson learned;

But when trust is shattered, like fine crystal, it will never be the same;

It is integrity that defines your character from start to end of the game!



Truth is the purgative that cleanses the soul;

It destroys all known fears, makin' us whole;

Cut thru the emotional briar patch, built with self deception;

Enjoy the peaceful confidence of honesty and new perception!



With clear sense of purpose and dedication strong;

We can cure all that ails, and fix what is wrong;

Love and compassion demands we treat others as self;

Embrace oneness of all and leave prejudice on the shelf!



Now it seems some folks have a different definition of truth;

Tryin' to impress with made up stories like immature youth;

Honor and integrity are character traits developed when you mature;

Spinnin' tales with alternate facts, you're only foolin' yourself for sure!



To make the world a better place, serve with sincerity and integrity;

Creating opportunities of engaged universal love with balanced parity;

Empower the flow with truth and simple unprejudiced respect for all;

These positivist proclivities create huge tangible effect for acts so small!



'No matter where you go, there you are' is all about truth inside;

Your life is but a reflection of who you are, your honor will abide;

Your reputation ain't damaged by others, it's all acts committed by you;

Alternate facts can never change what's real, but honesty and integrity do!



In this enlightened media age, folks still sell snake oil that's endorsed as 'truth';

It don't matter what side of the aisle they're on, or how they vote in the booth;

It's cacophonous siren songs of lies and deceit designed to steal common sense;

They magnify fears, while selling their program, but it's just hatred they dispense!



You only gots one person you really need to impress;

That'd be the one lookin' back in the mirror with redress;

Tomorrow is the day to fix todays mistakes accepting the lesson;

Then move on with head held high side-steppin' a pity session!



Gratitude is instantaneous if you appreciate the 'now';

Focus on what is, not 'was' or 'will be' is the simple how;

Your stress will disappear and you will be bathed in positivity;

Change your world with love, practicing this daily proclivity!



You own your own feelings, as others own theirs;

You ain't changin' minds with logic or intense cares;

'Live and let live' may be trite, but it just happens to be true;

Respect others differences as you expect them to respect you!



If you lower your expectations, you may avoid disappointment;

But you lose your path's direction simply by lack of appointment;

Not only seize the day, but take responsibility of all things relevant;

You'll reap the rewards of life well lived, both honorable and elegant!



Some believe it’s appropriate when you always text instead of call;

Sure you’ll save some time, but it’s not human communication at all;

If you live on social media while avoiding real life when you’re able;

You have traded your humanity to be a jackass in a cyber stable!



Know that good, bad and indifferent is created by personal choice;

How you react reflects your character, given substance and voice;

You may soar above it all, or get stuck in crisis defined by drama;

Exchange your fears for optimism or be mired in emotional trauma!



When fear whispers "You ain't strong enough to weather the storm";

Laugh in the face of shallow doubt, stand and straighten your form;

You've been given the skills to overcome, conquer, and win the day;

Common courage incites you to 'be the storm' and make your way!



If you're searchin' for a better way, to insure you do your part;

Know the joy is in the giving, with a gift straight from the heart;

Show gratitude for all God's Children, sharing love with all you meet;

It's a simple way to change the world and make the healin' complete!



Be grateful for ALL yer blessin's both solid and intangible;

This is the stuff that that fills the heart, palpable and magical;

Put the past in the rearview, and bask in the possibilities of tomorrow;

Enjoy today at it's best, share the love, inspiring good cheer to overflow!



The magic of Christmas touches young and old;

We welcome all into our extended family fold;

With glad tidings, good cheer and love from the heart;

May your dreams come true, and let the New Year start!



'Tis a few days before Christmas so we be rockin' the pad;

We're gonna make this the best celebration you ever had;

Tune in, turn on, and keep doin' whatever you likes to do;

Wishin'  health, peace and happiness from our heart to you!



In order for the New Year to fulfill the promises of opportunity;

You need to shake off despair, developing an acquired immunity;

The key to great good happening is simply the state of your mind;

Accept all things as either blessin's or lessons, peacefully entwined!



Politics are designed to focus on and magnify your fear;

Inspiring vitriol while you defend your values held dear;

Those values are personal, your individual guide to livin' a good life;

They ain't license to judge others, causin' foolish, unproductive strife!



The state of your life is but a reflection of your state of mind;

It's a choice reacting with either love or hate, to the daily grind;

Yesterday's passed, tomorrow's a dream, you only live in the now;

If happiness is your goal, then love, respect and honor is the how!



"I think he died of a Tuesday, Stan Laurel was famed to say;

But they wouldn't go at all if they caught the blues that day;

You can ensure yer good health with a fresh dose of blues;

Doctor Blueshammer is dispensing right now for all of youse!"



If you fret over what might be, instead of livin' now, you empower fear;

It steals peace from your life's trip, allowing unwarranted stress to steer;

How can simple faith soothe your soul if you despair and just toss it away;

Fill your tank with high test love and share with all on the Hope Highway!



The world is made up of the family of 'we', sometimes overruled by the 'I';

Together 'we' can do great things, overcoming of the arrogance of 'my';

While the 'I' clings to indulgent delusion, a continuous self-serving dupe;

Truth, beauty, and love are collective things, requiring belief of the group!



No matter the age or experience we have the capacity to act the fool;

We indulge mayhem 'cause stupidity ain't just flappin' gums and drool;

You will let yer fears be magnified by slick lies from some shylock rube;

When you feel it creepin' in, back away from fB and turn off the tube!



Opinions are generally conceived in emotion rather than born in facts;

Bolstered by half-truths, cherry picked, providing rational for our acts;

When it comes to lyin' to ya, the best liar would be the face in the mirror;

Embracing self-righteous hypocrisy, abandoning truth to deal with our fear!



Politicians swear they know best for you and will provide what you need;

That mind numbing regurgitated pabulum is the poison they force feed;

The only change comes from the steel of your resolve and integrity in your heart;

Stand tall, let the BS roll off while fears take a hike, and learn the livin' well art!



The challenges we face are never as hard as we believe;

Just forge ahead, learn the lesson, and stress you'll relieve;

What don't kill ya makes ya stronger, and leaves you empowered;

Takin' the heroes path, living with honor and resolve uncowered!



Friendship is the glue that binds free spirits on the loose;

If it's true, it inspires selflessness without a moments excuse;

With love and respect, we cover each other in the face of fears;

Sharin' laughter with abandon, and sorrow with common tears!



You and I hold in our hearts the power to change everything;

More gratitude, acceptance and kindness makes the bell ring;

If we all live intentional, engaging our influence for change;

We'll be cashin' in our jackpots at the Happiness Exchange!



Simple lessons always come hard, yet they bring the best reward;

They will leave you spent and ragged, takin' all you can afford;

After you've been thoroughly tested, the peace of knowledge won;

Will wash your spirit in calm élan, healing soul with the energy of ONE!



Our mission is to uplift spirit and share the bounty of brand new;

Don't matter to us if you're in the car, at work or kneelin' in a pew;

Blues shared, has the power to put your worried mind in a better place;

You'll be calm, refreshed, energized and ready to embrace the human race!



The family of man is all inclusive, we ALL belong to the 'One';

We all share this primal mud ball, basking under the same sun;

We have common dreams and desire, we all must succeed to grow;

We either join together in love, or the seeds of destruction we sow!



Who you are is based solely on the choices you make;

It ain't parents, age, economy or politicians so fake;

You alone are responsible for every decision and who you are;

You hold the power to change anything and the chance to go far!



The Spirit is tested when hard times and trouble just won't go;

They will persist until we learn their lesson, embracin' the know;

Now it may seem a tough way to start to live with absolutely no regret;

But It is guaranteed those hard lessons are the ones you’ll never forget!



We come into this life given all the skills we need;

To love, learn, overcome, and ultimately succeed;

Know in your heart that how good it is, is simply up to you;

Just embrace the journey with gratitude, and enjoy the view!



The more you give freely, the more you will receive;

It's a simple karmic thing in which you can believe;

It has worked since time began, and will be true after we're gone;

Truth is constant, life is love, joy occurs, so keep on keepin' on!



I believe in our journey, but there is a better way;

I believe in Brothers and Sisters that try every day;

I believe we must react with love, not give into hatred and fear;

I believe we must stand united together and hold all lives dear!



If ya don't like the way the world turns, change it;

It starts with me and you, begin today and commit;

Our little corner of the planet will be ground zero of change;

Faith in each other and love conquers, ain't all that strange!



Violence comes from the heart, not from a gun or knife;

We choose to either embrace peace or to promote strife;

Let love be your guide, compassion your friend, and hold this notion dear;

We got this thing called life, don't give into hatred or be conquered by fear!



Accept that a better world begins now, and starts with me and you;

With compassion and compromise we can do just what we need to do;

Conquer base fear as it rises, and harken to the song your soul sings;

Embrace the audacity of hope and believe in the promise it brings!



Set goals in the stratosphere, then inch the bar higher;

Give it all you have, pedal to the metal, belly full of fire;

It's better to wear out than rust out travelin' the highway of life;

Inspire passion, share the love, and shed unproductive strife!



Learn from, but don't hang with the Snake Oil seller;

He's got a great delivery, but he ain't an honest feller;

Promise the moon 'n stars, but always deliver so much more;

It’s the secret to success,’n folks will run thru your open door!



This contrary creature called human can be really confusing;

Sometimes it displays love, other times it's bent on contusing;

It appears the goal is to flop around 'til it figures the right way to live;

Silly lil' creature, just sit down, respect each other and learn to forgive!



While on the path, you'll run across folks who lie, yet firmly believe it;

Delusion is their approach to a reality that, for others, simply don't fit;

It's easy to spot 'cause every story starts 'I' or 'My' as they tell their tale;

They are caught in addiction to feed an ego that is demanding yet frail!



Fear is a powerful motivator that steals your freedom to choose;

When you buy into paranoia, you join the crowd destined to lose;

Stay true to yourself, your brothers, sisters, and the world as a whole;

One planet, one people joined by love, compassion and a common goal!



Love of music is universally primal, but the blues speaks to your soul;

It's power is to heal, empowering the flesh and filling a spiritual hole;

Sharin' this sweet gift with all mankind is solely in the hands of the creator;

By supportin' Live Music, the artists, and venues, you make this gift greater!



Change is constant and inevitable, so ya just might as well adapt;

If ya don't, you'll repeat mistakes, stall and otherwise be trapped;

Whether it crushes or caresses, it must be turned into positive lessons;

All ya gotta do is stay on the high road, and always count yer blessin's!



Some folks are cool, some folks try hard, and some just can't grow up;

Don't judge, just do your best, and let integrity fill your daily life’s cup;

The fools are here to make you look good; the evil ones, to test your firm resolve;

We're here to enjoy the trip, make it better, and hopefully help mankind evolve!



When honor, integrity, faith, and sacrifice is offered, sometimes the price is higher;

With eyes wide open and commitment to service, many run into strife, deathly dire;

Heroes are born in the common man's heart, when standing strong in freedom's cause;

Ever eternally grateful, we can never fully repay; so remember and take solemn pause!



If you are waitin' for your reward, it's our point you have missed;

Doin' the 'right thing' is about livin' well always, not makin' a list;

At the end of this journey, as well thru the next you will know peace;

By leavin' this world better off, fulfillin' the terms of the life you lease!



The gifts you've been given don't mean a thing if not properly applied;

It's what you did with 'em, between your birth, up to when you died;

Take nothing, give all, make peace, respect life, and harbor no ill will;

Love all, hate war, fear nothing, create magic, be grateful and just chill!



We engage each week, tryin' to shine some light on the proper path;

Happily, we walk hand in hand, avoiding pitfalls and karma's wrath;

Together, we have the power to make a difference, improving the lot for all;

Embrace the gratitude, share the music, spreadin' the love is our siren's call!



We are captivated by the false sense of time our awareness creates;

Marked by the tears and triumphs illuminated by our loves and hates;

However, we're simply one drop in the cosmic stream, feelin' the joys and woes;

There is no beginning and there is no end, 'cause that's the way the river flows!



Progress and change may cause equal amounts of discomfort and pain;

But if ya ain't movin' forward, you are stranded with no growth or gain;

Buck up, put yer big boy pants on, lean into it and resolutely forge ahead;

It's the only way to make your mark, achievin' yer dreams before yer dead!



Respectin' everyone else ain't as hard as showin' yourself some;

'Cause we are our own worst enemy, after all is said and done;

Trouble brought by others pales compared to the mess we get ourself in;

Get up, embrace the lesson, and toss the rest in the emotional trash bin!



Some folks live a Cardboard Box life with no ties or responsibility;

Others build a Bricks and Mortar life creating the best to our ability;

The choice is yours, either create a solid legacy or be a fart in the breeze;

Either way it's all about the journey, the gratitude and doin' as you please!



Steppin' away from honor and integrity leaves your soul blind;

When you place yourself above others, heartache you'll soon find;

Even after all is said, and all is done, redemption is about livin' a right life;

Change what you can, accept what you can't, 'cause truth cuts like a knife!



When done wrong by others, strive to rise above;

Renounce fear and anger, and embrace pure love;

We must measure our life's dignity by how we chose to react;

Forgiveness and empathy prevents peace from being hijacked!



It may always be easier doin' 'what's right' than doin' 'the right thing';

The latter benefits us all whereas the former may personally cha-ching;

It's about choices that make a better world, not ones that just help you;

The 'big picture' can be hard to embrace as we struggle in the daily do!



Why settle for average when you deserve the flat out best;

Each week we deliver to you a brand new living room blues fest;

You can get us on yer radio or dial us up on the world wide net;

Hammered By The Blues cares for you better than anything else yet!



Life is the easiest AND the hardest thing you'll ever do;

Like rollin' downhill with no brakes wonderin' who to sue;

You forget to enjoy the trip and start worryin' 'bout how it all ends;

It will be OK or not, just dig the scenery and pick up some friends!



If you believe good things are comin', I promise they surely will;

Now, if you focus on the negative, I guarantee you'll get your fill;

It is all about perspective, attitude and a clearly grateful heart;

Make the world a better place, share the love and play your part!



You always got stuff to do, dues to pay and promises to keep;

It is what it is, the rewards are good and the price not too steep;

It is better to try to make a difference than to have never even played;

That's how relevance of life is measured, after all the efforts are weighed!



We look forward to a New Year filled with promise and wonder;

We reconcile the last 365 days like memories of passing thunder;

What we can do to maximize our bounty, both mercenary and in spirit;

Is treat all with love, live each day like it's the last, and just don't fear it!



At the top of the calendar we could say that it’s all downhill from here;

I prefer to think of it like a ship on adventure just now leavin' the pier;

Who knows what we'll see, the new friends we'll make and Oh, the reverie ;

Just show compassion, be grateful and soak it all up, to your full capacity!



Your dreams should embody your hopes rather than embrace your fear;

Your actions should reflect your heart and not irritation comin' too near;

We are but reactive creatures, but have been given gifts of choice and hope;

With the peace you bring, and the love you share it helps the whole world cope!



Our simple mission is to cheer you up when you are feelin' low;

We aims to celebrate your good moments, savorin' sweet and slow;

Whether you are collecting well earned tithes, or payin' overdue dues ;

You know your friends got yer back here at Hammered By The Blues!



Love, Peace, Understanding, and Acceptance makes us One;

If that came to us naturally, we could just focus on the fun;

But it gives you a goal, a sure way to make the world a better place;

Work on it, not for me and not for you, but for the whole Human Race!



Some folks are cat people, others just love a dog;

Some prefer fresh broccoli; others crave smoked hog;

It don't matter what yer fancy is, we all come from the light above;

Just another brother or sister hand in hand, sharin' the pure-d love!



This time of year, cheer flows free and good will is shared by all;

But couldn't we do this all year long, the dream ain't nothin' small;

We can do this thing if we all jump on board and treat all with respect;

It would cripple hate, shrink fear, and in hearts, let the love virus infect!



We wish all folks happiness, good health, and a table full of food;

After all, it's the least you need to inspire that Christmas mood;

What we hope for is so much more, an epic change in the collective heart;

Universal peace, acceptance, and gratitude are the dreams that we impart!



Politics make Politicians shameful, and rational people insane;

No matter which side of the aisle, folks dig in and raise cane;

This builds walls, throws bricks, and makes compromise rare;

We share the same soil and heart, it is time to act like we care!



Even if yer Baby done left ya and some dog just pissed on yer shoe;

The Blues will lift your spirits, curin' everything that is ailin' you;

It's a remedy for the masses, it's a poultice for the darkened soul;

Sharin' that joy with the world is our Hammered By The Blues goal!



As kids we were scared of the dark, but soon learned nothin' was there;

When we got older, we carried fear inside unleashed by random scare;

We're supposed to learn it is only fear that we fear, not stuff out of our control;

Actually, there is 'nothing there', so keep calm, shine on, and continue your roll!



As you mature you find the most important lessons were learned in the sand box;

Share, treat others like you like to be treated, and don't eat candy stuck to yer sox;

The simple truths will guide you as you navigate your personal trek on the river of life;

Yeah, it really IS that easy and even better if you share this wisdom and avoid strife!



Our options are plenty, but life is so dang short;

Choose wisely indeed, before your ship leaves port;

We are what the journey makes us, but one more thing is true;

It's how you appreciate the moments, and love everything you do!



Change is constant, you just gotta adjust;

To stay calm, this is an absolute must;

You can curse it in the morning mirror, but get over it real quick;

Because ya gotta be ready when life pulls out the very next trick!



The more we judge by differences, the father we grow apart;

We appear a species stuck in infancy, obviously close to start;

The simple stuff like acceptance is one of the first things you should feel;

Before we can walk hand in hand together, spreadin' pure love for real!



Sometimes you may feel the sum weight of life well-traveled;

Overwhelming, It can feel like reality may become unraveled;

The glue that binds, with perspective in check, is overwhelming gratitude;

For life, loved ones, music, memories, challenges and a positive attitude!



Joy is that internal thing that you are free to spread and share;

Sharin' demonstrates you are grateful and that you really care;

It is the simple things that create a better world, and it all starts with you;

Start an avalanche of love, healing those in need, inspiring all to share it too!


When expanding your horizons, always keep an open mind;

It makes the journey most comfortable surely you will find;

Share that bounty with family, friends and even your foes;

You'll spread joy and happiness 'cause that's just how it goes!



The joy you harvest is proportional to the love you share;

It is a simple equation full of pure compassion and care;

Our weekly rhyme share for you ain't just empty salutations;

The wisdom we offer is guaranteed to work in all situations!



If ya cant stands the heat in the kitchen, get on out;

Livin' well ain't got time for grumbling or the long pout;

This trip is a gift, somethin' to be cherished and always well fared;

Be grateful, share the joy with all others and act like you cared!



Pops used to say there are more horses asses than there are horses;

You can find 'em in your Hood, at work, and even on golf courses;

They are the folks who carry 'round hatred, greed and fear, dumpin' it on you;

These poor souls have lost their path and want all of us to be miserable too!



In a better world when things are grand, ya share it;

If your brother is maxed on overload, you help bear it;

The choice is yours, be part of the problem or part of the solution;

You can inspire that better world practicing kindness distribution!



Never let your fears take control and dictate direction;

Walk with confidence always embracing the right selection;

The benefits you will reap will take you farther than you believe;

Making a difference, sharing the joy and knowledge you receive!



Success is when you always deliver more than was promised;

It's the best way to convince folks you deal fair and are honest;

After all it's what you expect from others: honor, fairness and truth;

Age ain't nothin', wisdom’s wealth; the price paid by misspent youth!



If we just traveled this world lookin' out for each and everyone;

We'd be rich indeed, spreadin' unfettered happiness under the sun;

All we'd need to do is drop baggage like greed, malice and pride;

Embrace love, respect life, share the music to help turn the tide!




In your heart you know what’s good and know what’s right;

It's about sharing the love all day long and thru all the night;

Music is the magic that soothes the soul and raises the spirit;

It makes everything right in the world as soon as you hear it!



In the summertime when the beer is cold and the music is hot;

The guys and gals all look good and be shakin' what they got;

It's a magical time when we take the party to the streets everywhere;

All ya gots to do is show up, party on and you know we'll see ya there!



The direction you pick is simply up to you;

Boogie on down or simply do the shuffle do;

How you act or react will determine the peace you feel;

Treat all with kindness, respect and always keep it real!



If you have questions or issues needing solution;

We can help you out with rhythm and elocution;

The music we play calms the spirit, the words warm your heart;

You can count on Hammered By The Blues to always do our part!



Sometimes your path is clear, other times you face a choice;

When making that decision always heed your inner voice;

Your heart will never lie to you when you are swayed to the good;

Give freely of your spirit and treat folks like Mom said you should!



Your personal journey is exactly as long as it needs to be;

Know you have time to learn and see all you need to see;

The quality of trip is about those lessons applied and how you give back;

It is about spirits touched, kindness shown; addin' to yer happiness stack!



Balance is double edged, simply, to have good there must be bad;

To define our happiness we need to experience that which is sad;

Embrace your lessons learned and commit to make things right;

The power is in your heart, celebrate and share your healing light!



If you're lookin' for contentment and a really good time;

Embrace the blues 'cause you just can't dance to a mime;

Now joy is a virus that's easily spread amongst gals and guys;

Guaranteed to cure anything that ails; we ain't tellin' no lies!



Ashes to ashes, dust to dust is how this journey will roll;

It's what you do in between times that adds up your toll;

You could be dancin' with the sinners or sittin' with the saints;

Pay yer dues now, live well, and don't ever sweat the 'ain'ts'!



You may think some days are hard, but simply they ain't;

You just need to ease your roll, don't play sinner or saint;

The music is the poultice that will soothe and cure all your ills;

Just crank it up, and start to smile to shed the stress that kills!



We've lost some legends, yet new ones start every day;

That's just the way of the flow, what more can we say;

Look to the future still embracin' the past to get your blues fix;

Cherish old masters, while givin' support and love to new picks



You've been given the gifts to make the world a better place;

Believe in yourself and choose to love ALL of the human race;

There is but one rule we need to embrace, it is a simple one indeed;

Treat everyone like you likes to be treated to plant that peace seed!



We all gots opinions, there ain't no wrong or right in that;

Sometimes they're best unshared, just kept under the hat;

Your actions speak louder than words, it's just simple respect;

We all carry baggage unimagined; show compassion, then reflect!



There is yours, there is mine, and then there is ours;

It is strength of common ground that fuels our powers;

Right and left are just edges, the core lies at the center;

Embrace all Brothers and Sisters and let the Blues mentor!



The life path is yours to choose, so pick careful;

To make everything better, it should be share full;

You have the gift to inspire others as 'yourself' you give;

Leave the world better'n ya found it, is the way to live!



Happiness is what we search for, but joy is in our heart;

The key to peace is simply not keeping them apart;

Trust yourself and always walk on the bright side of the road;

And reap yourself the benefits of the emotional seeds sowed!



When the sun shines you feel it deep in your heart;

When the music plays, happiness fills your soul cart;

When love is freely shared, it starts an unending healing wave;

When we choose to live together in peace, it's a world we save!



Findin' yourself in a good place, at a time so right;

Always entails the best of friends and blues so tight;

This music we love contains an honest power to heal and embrace;

Share it every chance you get and help create a better human race!



Our bartender ain't a therapist but he does his best;

He'll listen intently while you put yer troubles to rest;

The band will play on to heal the rift in heart and in soul;

Makin' ya smile, embracin' a better way is always our goal!



'Us vs Them' is how we seem to categorize life;

If we embraced the 'We' it would end most strife;

This mudball we be ridin' just ain't got room for separation;

But it is just right for the all for one, one for all world nation!



We always struggle separating 'wants' from 'needs';

The spirit we must nurture, the mind always feeds;

Find sustenance in learning and spread kindness on your road;

You'll find happiness along the way, shedding your worried load!



Now each week we pontificate thru poetry and prose;

It ain't only 'bout the music, it's 'bout smellin' that rose;

Livin' well is the only way to fully enjoy your personal trip;

We'll provide the anthems of yer life while you just let 'er rip!



If ya thinks ya got nothin', know that others have less;

Gratitude is the key to happiness in this worldly mess;

You can share that joy, offerin' a hand to others on the road;

We call that the one for all, all for one sweet easy livin' code!



We make resolutions to fix what we want to change;

If it's new dance moves you want, that we can arrange;

Just invite the neighbors over, and have a big house party;

Hammered By The Blues will get ya started, hail and hearty!



More often than not, the whole world seems outta whack;

We just need a dose of common sense to keep us on track;

Ya know ya can't fix stupid, and there ain't no reason to try;

Just keep feelin' the blues, share the love, and always fly high!



Now, ya may be a newbie or a grizzled old sot;

Don't matter to us, we always shares what we got;

We find takin' the high road to be the best path found;

Drop in Hammered By The Blues next time yer around!



Promises kept are just the stuff of integrity;

That kind of style is best rolled consistently;

We promise you the baddest, the best, and all brand new;

We got yer back; dial on in and we will do just what we do!



Mankind is one of a kind, blessed with traits good and bad;

You gots the choice to be eternally happy or be forever sad;

The power is inside, you have everything you need to make the world a better place;

It's simple you see, we are ALL truly ONE of a kind, proud members of the human race!



No matter your spiritual disposition, Tis the season of celebration;

We hang with friends, break bread, and maybe indulge inebriation;

It seems in spite of past transgressions or ill will, we do forgive and pull folks near;

We must embrace the true meaning of life and share that spirit the rest of the year!



When we send out our best Christmas wishes to you and all of yours;

We make it an epic affair, tearin' off the roof and blowin' out the doors ;

But don't forget in the revelry the reason for the season as we wander into the next year;

Make it a better world, treat all with kindness, respect, gratitude; holding every soul dear!



Looks like the last years past and we get a fresh start;

For this to work out it, takes both of us doin' our part;

We'll do the heavy liftin', seachin' out the baddest and the best;

Just dial us in, crank it up, and ya know we'll handle the rest!



When your fantasy and reality collide, we call that extraordinary;

Baskin' in that glow leaves you with almost more than you can carry;

This be the joy that you needs to share with everyone to make it a better world;

The blues will put smiles on their face, glee in their heart, and toes firmly curled!



Luck is never serendipitous; it is just defined by perception;

To think you can't make your own is life's biggest deception;

Walk with confidence, learn your lessons, and when knocked down always get up;

Soon you'll find that all yer luck is good, and satisfaction will fill up yer life's cup!



Your happiness is a state of mind, either induced or owned outright;

Now if we could share that with everyone, the outlook would be bright;

I've heard tell a smile is infectious and can spread quicker than the flu;

Just imagine if a happiness plague infecting the world started with you!



You can plan your journey or just lay back and enjoy the ride;

It all ends up about the same: fried, dyed and laid to the side;

The key to a good ride is about gratitude, appreciation and a giant servin' of love;

So embrace the music, love the people, leave the ego, and bask in joy from above!



Gratitude is the principle fuel of a well lived life;

It creates the glow of happiness and reduces strife;

Don't be chasin' more than you need, it's all about bein' happy with what you got;

With peace in your soul and love in your heart you'll realize you have a helluva lot!


To grab all the gusto allowed in this life, Carpe Diem; 

Drop yer baggage, and about those demons; just free 'em;

The blues is a lifestyle anthem that heals and points out the ways;

Yer family at Hammered By The Blues are here to brighten your days!



Some folks do, some folks don't, and some just don't have a clue;

We need to 'bless their hearts', show patience and just do our do;

We are here to heal, not harm, needin' to share the love and not spread the hate;

All you have left is what you have in your heart, when yer standin' at Heaven's Gate!



Now I don't know why there is strife, don't know why there is pain;

I do know love, freely shared, could defeat hate and keep us all sane;

Simplification is simply the easy solutions to the complex issues that drag us down;

If we make things better'n when we found 'em, mankind may be able to stick around!



Life is a simple journey that we seem to make harder than we should;

It's just about treatin' folks like we likes, and helpin' all that we could;

Music is the power that fuels the roll, and the blues is the guide to stay the course;

Sharin' the love on yer path, and feelin' grateful in return is truly an unstoppable force!



Dancin' style is a personal thing, driven by how you feel it;

You may dig the big ballroom, the juke, or maybe the mosh pit;

Now I guarantee there are other folks like you, and they all show dancin' pride;

Just let yerself go, yer spirit soar, displayin' those moves that are true and tried!



In the times of pain as well as those great moments of joy;

Love will always heal or make things right in every girl and boy;

It's a tool that we don't use enough when it comes to ending strife;

Just spread love instead of hatred and we may all live a better life!



As the leaves turn radiantly colorful and the daylight conserves;

We are reminded change is inevitable in corporeal times we serves;

With the end of one cycle, we hold promise of new beginnings, fresh and new;

While the blues is the salve that soothes spirit as we be doin' just what we do!



Spirituality is an individual thing, defined deep in yer heart;

Music that speaks to you consistently is a most important part;

The other thing that guides us on our path is the family the Blues brings;

We laugh, cry, and celebrate together as one, while hope eternal springs!



August Blue Monday Monthly fresh on line is our gift to you today;

It may not be an opus, but it is true and from the heart I must say;

We toss in fresh music as well, selected carefully from the new artist pile;

Relax, dial up Hammered By The Blues show number 431 and tary for a while!



Followin' your heart is tougher than simply following your nature;

Your heart is the best guide when avoiding damage to your stature;

Human nature has a seductive dark side, but karma will school ya in the ends;

Do no harm to others, forgive trespasses quickly, and share livin' well my friends!



When those dark clouds gather, call on the blues;

When things are grand, goodtime dancin' is yer dues;

No matter what, this is the music that should guide you through life;

It will warm yer heart, calm your mind, and it will always banish strife!



Summer be flyin' by and outdoor fests be windin' down;

We look forward to inhabit jukes when we stroll into town;

The beer's still cold, the music's still hot, and good company makes it the best;

No worries, this just be livin' well thru the seasons, and there will not be a test!



You may travel far, but the best is often in yer backyard;

The folks are like Blues family and music's our trump card;

Now the same holds true whether you are from Pawtucket or France;

We are all just the same: one leg in at a time when puttin' on our pants!



On the Fourth of July we celebrate our independence and pride;

We must remember there is a high price paid to roll on this ride;

Don't forget the sacrifice, and the commitment to make our dreams come true;

Most important, believe, we are all the same under the red, white, and blue!



Luck is considered a ephemeral concept we think occurs with serendip;

Not the case I say; it's about attitude, belief, and how you do your trip;

If you learn yer lessons, have faith, and think about what you want to do;

You'll make your own luck, bringing happiness and sweet dreams come true!



Whether you follow Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, or the All In All;

There's commonality of love in all beliefs and you must heed the call;

Share the joy of the music, the rhythm of life, and the compassion in your soul;

It ain't hard to do, it’s contagious, and the best way to make the world whole!



We all have purpose, needs to be filled, directed by our mission from God;

Don't waste no time, there is lots to do before you get planted under sod;

Leave your ego, share the music, love all people, let the blues be your guide;

This is YOUR watch now, take your shot makin' everything better worldwide!



The luck you find on the journey is a result of desire and attitude;

You can count on us to cheerlead, leavin' you satisfied and blued;

Life is too damn short not to enjoy every second of your trip, feelin' blessed;

Deal with the things you can, make apropos changes and just shine on the rest!!



Argument is unnecessary when yer makin' yer case;

Use Understanding, calm words, and a genteel pace;

You can't really know what someone elses path may entail;

Treat as you like to be treated, and peace will never fail!



We must advise you to take the time to simply change yer life;

A solid dose of blues is the best way to derail stress and strife;

We'll do the heavy liftin', you just need to dial up and hang on tight;

While Hammered By The Blues rocks yer soul and rolls ya just right!



When it comes to blues family there simply are no words to describe;

A variety of sizes, shapes, colors and genders; ALL along for the ride;

It don't matter who ya are or who you wanna be, they'll love ya just the same;

'Cause the blues turns all hearts and souls one color, accepting all with no blame!



The Good Lord gave us tons of gifts, but sometimes we ain't so grateful;

Like when we choose to judge, treating folks in a way considered hateful;

We don't know or feel other peoples burdens, so we got no right to put 'em down;

Share pure love, deal in compassion, and in my hereafter, you done earned a crown!



Our fortunes are measured and our life defined by the love of friends;

They laugh with ya, cry with ya, and when needed, their love they sends;

Life is short but the depth of joy knows no bounds if you take these simple cues;

Hug a new friend today and just know that yer loved at Hammered By The Blues!



When it comes to the blues we gots friends near and far;

Some like outdoor fests, some prefer to lurk in a dark bar;

The one thing in common is they are part of our big Blues family that'd be true;

Ain't no one got yer back better than the kin who loves good ole blues with you!



It is a fact of human nature that worry and strife causes us to fuss;

The Pogo Principle states we have met the enemy and simply it is us;

We do it when we abuse our worry gland, and put our sanity in harms way;

Blow away yer dark clouds and get free, dial up Hammered By The Blues today!



We are prone to draggin' 'round a wagon load of misery, shame and worry;

None of it is real, it is just the burden of guilt makin' yer thinkin' blurry;

Ya gotta embrace the flow, revel in the joys and learn from the perceived mistakes;

It's attitude that determines if your eatin' a shit sandwich or the sweetest of cakes!



It's a natural fact that we play the best and brand new just for you;

Featurin' rare jewels overlooked by the mainstream is just what we do;

These treasures we feature are by folks who GOT IT, and share their full heart;

We do all the hard work, all you gotta do is dial us in, and you've done your part!



The pundits say politicians and dirty diapers are pretty much the same;

They're both full of it, and must be changed often, before they get lame;

We can thank the stars above that the music we love is always steadfast and true;

It's the same for all God's chill'n, share the love, leave the ego, and always be blue!



We have a tip that will insure you are never left disappointed or sad;

Just lower yer expectations to avoid perceptions that might seem bad;

This simple little hint will make sure you always succeed, at least in your own mind;

'Cause that's where REAL exists, keepin' your thoughts, dreams and desires aligned!



They say a well lived life can shine a whole lot better with good fortune;

With hard work you earn your share, but dumb luck can increase yer portion;

All that stuff don't matter if you live the golden rule and have a grateful heart;

Just be happy with your lot, treat all with respect, and you done nailed yer part!



Now most folks think karma is justice handed down from a watchful God;

We consider it a lifestyle GPS, a metaphysical Pavlovian cattle prod;

Learn the lesson, embrace the hint, adapt behavior and become better at livin';

Or be doomed to repeat foolish behavior and squander the gift you been given!



The joy and love freely flows between our close blues friends;

Now this ain't exclusive, it's a basic invitation to all we sends;

Just embrace the music, leave yer ego, love the people and join our group;

It's the soul healin', non-judgin' blues lovin', family of man, happiness troup!



For physical pain see a physician, for heartache see a blues Dr;

This is simple advice that don't require supervision by a Proctor;

Your brothers and sisters in blues can cure the pain and lift your spirit;

When you feel the joy, testify and shout 'Halleluiah' so we all can hear it!



Whether you travel for blues or get it in the backyard;

It don't matter if it’s a star or a local playin' that card;

Show your appreciation by dancin', singin' along, and buy a CD;

'Cause that's how we keep blues alive for both you and for me!



The Blues friends you meet are friends for life;

They're the ones that help you thru hardtimes and strife;

There is magic in the music that will heal any pain in the soul;

Hammered By The Blues is with ya 'cause that's how friends roll!



Winter only lasts for months, the blues go on forever;

With hooks that are infectious and lyrics that are clever;

If you been holdin' back, drag out them dancin' shoes and get ready;

Hammered By The Blues will roll ya right and then we'll rock ya steady!



Now it's said true love is a mutual thing with the strongest attraction;

Eyes lock, heart pounds, shortness of breath is just a chain reaction;

This can happen on the dance floor or even if you are just listenin' to the blues;

It's all good kids, it ain't uncommon, we just call it the magic between the twos!



We are meant to savor our lives and share with our best friends;

It's about the enjoyin' the journey, not just means to the ends;

Those that carry the blues along in their hearts seem to be most blessed;

It's a prescription for a beautiful trip that won't leave you depressed!



When faced with a fork in the road, take the path of least resistance;

We're just offering simple advice, we ain't applyin' strong insistance;

Ya know we all ain't here long enough to fill our time with panic and strife;

Don't judge, deal with the bumps, shine on the grief, and enjoy yer gift of life!



As we embrace the new year and reflect on the past;

We must enjoy every moment lest it slips by too fast;

Your friends are your treasure, and when the blues are SO good;

Share those moments together just like you know that you should!



You know we don't care if yer Democrat or Republican;

We don't care if yer pasty white or possess a natural tan;

The Blues loves everyone; young, old, red, yellow, black or white;

If ya'll live that same way, the world would be flat outta sight!



Tho the weather might be frightful, we dream of the outdoor fest;

You know the happy place where warm sun abounds and the blues is best;

If you got worries, troubles or luck that seems to hangin' to the dark side;

Remember goodtimes shared in the bright sun to turn your attitude's tide!



'Tis the season to reflect and be grateful for what you got;

Whether it’s a mansion on a hill or just a warm sleepin' spot;

Just open your heart, feel the love and always find reason to care;

And praise the best in folks, sharin' your gifts both precious and rare!



The joy of the season lives in every blues lovers heart;

Keepin' the blues alive and sharin' is just doin' our part;

Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards all is the best present we need;

Take the high road, extend kindness and your soul shall be freed!



If the last year didn't bring what you wished;

Take a close look at yer plate and what you dished;

It ain't all the fault of serendipity, mostly we do it to ourself;

Plan a path to yer dreams and fer God's sake get off the shelf!



Now wishin' is good, but plannin' is better;

Pack to stay dry or end up gettin' wetter;

Usin' yer brain ain't too hard, everybody is able;

It is simple common sense, this ain't just a fable!

Hammertime !


Tho the air may be crisp and the temps dippin' towards cold;

It don't matter, if yer heart is full of the Blues, big and bold;

We'll do our part by serving up the best and always makin' our case;

The Blues is the very best you can cram in that between the ears space!



We know the blues and you know that the blues loves ya'll;

It is a freakin' love fest and a musical orgy, off the wall;

Ya can't get no diseases except those boogie woogie flu's;

And you can catch it the best at Hammered By The Blues!

Hammertime (shameless plug)!


The world may be rollin' right or may be strayin' wrong;

The good news is it's all the stuff of a good blues song;

All ya gotta do is your best to make your little corner a better place;

Share the Blues and unbridled kindness is the best way to make yer case!



You only get one chance to get it right in the life you live;

Take a few chances, but with everything else remember to give;

When your ride is over make sure you did your absolute best;

Love the people, share the blues and you're sure to pass the test!



Now folks seem to overly fret the wack dance by the Elected;

No matter which side you're on you feel abused and neglected;

It's just a silly game that shouldn't occupy your worried mind;

Focus on important stuff, do right, and to all folks, just be kind!



The message is clear and we share it in every way;

Embrace and share and you'll always have a good day;

This ain't no hollow promise we offer, it is simply a lesson of life;

The Blues is where you find the key to manage life's BS and strife.



No matter how it feels, fear ain't real, it's just an illusion;

We create it when we fret, causin' an emotional contusion;

The cure is so simple like whistlin' past a scary graveyard;

Live on Common sense street and let the Blues be yer guard.



The reality is that life is wrapped in strongly held perception;

Truth is what we believe, altho it may be just personal deception;

We define a fool as one who keeps repeating past mistakes often;

Live the lessons you learned to avoid occupyin' a premature coffin.



Now if you be payin' attention, you know we been helpin' you out;

If you take our advice, the road is smooth and you got more clout;

All we ask in return is that share this with friends, helpin' us pay our dues;

Invitin' all God's Chill'uns to tune into our therapy: Hammered By The Blues!



Sometimes we live on hope, and other times we live on dreams;

Don't matter if you 're sidetracked a bit with other folks schemes;

Always follow yer heart, stay on course and just be true to yerself;

Offer everyone a hand up when you find you're livin' on the top shelf!



Freedom ain't free, but neither is stupidity;

There is a cost to everything in life's fluidity;

It really ain't much when you add up the whole freakin' trip;

To be who you gotta be, hop on, ride well and just let'r rip!



No matter how rough life treats ya, or how far they beat ya down;

It is strength of character that gets you up, winning you the crown;

Ain't no reason to quit, 'cause it's our job to be here til the final bell;

Leave yer ego, love the people, embrace the blues, and life will be swell!



Now bluesers are peacemakers and happily share what they got;

We all have skills that we can stir into the moral melting pot;

If we share the love, practice respect and invite all to our table;

The world will be a better place and it is real peace we will enable!



Things may be good, or maybe bad, but you always got yer friends;

They are the simple measure of a good life not just means to ends;

You can never have too many, whether they are close or far away;

Your legacy lives in their memories of you at the end of your day!


When you call on the Blues, you get much more than bargained for;
It soothes your savage breast and heals ya deep down in yer core;
For a sure fire cure just try our patented dose that’s much better'n booze;
Dial us up 'cause you can always trust the Doctor at Hammered By The Blues!
Your path can be a simple one, filled with happiness and joy;
This modest secret will always work for every girl and every boy;
If you lower your outrageous expectations, you'll always be satisfied;
Just open yer heart to the blues and lock in this method, true and tried!
We preach about love and we revel in the blues;
It's about livin' real well and payin' our regular dues;
When it's time to pay the piper, reach deep and give it up clean;
The best life is shared on the road; you know just what we mean!
You know that I got your back and if you got mine too;
Together we can keep this all alive and lead a Blues coup;
Folks will appreciate 'cause they'll realize it's all for the best;
Now I do hope yer takin' notes 'cause there'll surely be a test!


Perspective and perception is the only reality you own;

It may be calm and peaceful or it may be a raucous tone;

It really don't matter much as long as it works out good for you;

And allows you to share the beauty of your life with all others too!



We complain about the heat and bitch about the snow;

Sometimes we're bored with stayin' but just don't wanna go;

Some folks don't even appreciate bein' hung with a brand new rope;

If this be the case, take a dose of the Blues to restore yer long lost hope!


There are moments when the world seems cold and cruel;

Just shine it on, usin' the best lesson you learned in school;

Treat all others you meet the way you likes 'em to treat you;

It's a simple rule, when well applied, will cure all stress too!



Blues buddies are the best 'cause they love you like you are;

No matter where they live and breathe, it ain't never very far;

For a quick fix, just check yer heart 'cause you always carry them there;

Just waitin' to share the love with you, and provide much needed care!



The choices in life may well be more than we can choose;

Ya gotta prioritize lest it passes you by, makin' you lose; 

Embrace those choices; love every minute and don't look back in the dust;

'Cause we all know well tis better to wear out, than turn to flaky rust!



We spin the best brand new to deliver you rapt joy;

We never deliver you less or try to be way too coy;

This is serious biz, but we are pro's and know how to sell them true's;

No worries 'cause satisfaction is guaranteed at Hammered By The Blues!



Always take the proper amount of time to insure you done right;

Give it yer best full on effort and don't you ever pull up light;

At the end you will know the joy of complete and all consuming satisfaction;

Feelin' the rapture of a life well lived and leavin' behind a positive impaction!



Never sweat the showers, just learn to dance in the rain;

It will put a smile on yer face, definitely easin' yer pain;

If'n ya still needs some help, be sure to call on a good friend;

Dial up Hammered By The Blues and we'll take ya 'round the bend!



When faced with challenge always attack it head on;

Take charge, master your plan and don't become a pawn;

Only you know what's best for you, not the opinions of those others;

Bask in Hammered By The Blues with like-minded sisters and brothers!



Serendipity creates joy, blindsided just might make you upset;

Now unexpected is a grand part of the journey, don't you forget; 

How you choose to handle it is all up to you, it's all your attitude;

If you can appreciate the ride, you will find peace in your gratitude!



It is true, good friends and great music go hand in hand;
It's a recipe for fun no matter where you live in the land; 
Commiserate and share the love with extended family and beyond;
It will cleanse your spirit and cements that incredible blues bond!
The value of love freely given is greater than love received;
Embrace this simple notion and feel your worries relieved; 
Support live music, your friends, and always pay your dues ahead;
You spirit will soar, you'll live much longer, and lose all yer dread!
Talkin' 'bout religion, politics or rank gossip is for the small mind;
Your life's better lived fixin' what's broke and treatin' all folks kind; 
Ya can't change the whole world at once, just the part in which you live;
Now if'n we all did that, imagine the joy, and all the love we could give!

Well another week's passed and we wanna see if ya’ll get it;
We offer up trite wisdom and fill your ears with all that will fit; 
It's simply the best we have to offer, and we freely share it with you;
Treat folks right, send us a note and let us know you share love too!
Life may not be fair, but you know it's all good;
Treasure the ride, sharin' the blues like you should; 
Live well 'cause when the trip's over I guarantee this my friend;
You will want to cherish good memories, havin' no fear of the end!
Home is certainly where the heart is; happiness is in yer head;
Sweatin' the small stuff and freakin' out is so bad for yer Id; 
For those that don't know, yer Id lives in the center of yer soul;
If life sucks and yer takin' on water, use the Blues to plug that hole!
Time's a commodity that can't be replaced and you should cherish;
Always live yer life to the fullest, not worryin' when you will perish; 
That's our best advice about yer trip while you are payin' yer dues;
And for the sweetest music anywhere, dial up Hammered By The Blues!


The speed you travel is secondary to the direction you take;
It's all about application of the good decisions you make; 
Tunin' in for those brand new blues is the best place to start;
Tighten up yer yaya's, cleanse yer soul, and put a song in yer heart!
Life is an adventure and you should take in all the best;
Whether tunin' in with us or hangin' LIVE at a blues fest; 
The Blues will provide the soundtrack that brightens yer rocky road;
It keeps you happy knowin' life's good and you got that magic code!
When faced with choices, be sure to have a quarter handy;
Embrace the whim of random and savor it like sweet candy; 
No matter how it goes, you will take all stress off yer mind;  
Just living simply is the best medicine that anyone can find!
When you’re dreamin' dreams be sure to make 'em big;
If those dreams come true, yer life will be a great gig;   
Livin' well and sharin' with folks is the best way to go;
We'll do our part with the Hammered By The Blues show!

If'n ya thinks you knows it all, ya gots lots more to learn;
Wisdom comes while livin' well as you appreciate and discern;   
Travel your path with grace and style, livin' the simple golden rule;
When yer time is up you'll smile cause you did right and all is cool!
If ya look down, it may seem like a long way to fall;
That's the perception, but it just ain't real at all;
Trust in yourself, take that step and go farther than you thought;
Faith and courage will take you far when you live like you ought!
Mama useta say always smile and don't forget to share;
It is those little rules that prove to folks you really care;   
Now we spin the blues for you to make your life move along sweet;  
Go ahead, feel the love, share with others, 'cause it's hip and alreet!
We preach age is just a number, but old is simply in yer head;
It's about appreciating the trip, not how fast you race to dead;   
The Blues will color your experience, in deep shades and many hues;  
Settle back, take all the beauty in, but don't forget to pay yer dues!
Trouble is only as tough as you believe in yer mind;
Once you know that, the rest is simple you will find; 
You got brothers and sisters who got your back in a pinch;
Don't worry, be happy because livin' your life is a cinch!

The price of serenity is as cheap as can be;
Just crank up the blues and soon you will see; 
You'll develop a ten inch smile on yer eight inch face;
And those crazy dancin' feet will be pickin' up the pace!
When yer dancin' don't worry 'bout lookin' good too;
Just stare into her eyes and properly bill and coo; 
She'll look into yer soul and instantly know all yer trues;
If you be worthy, you may just find true love in the Blues!
Ya know what they say about wishin' beyond hope;
Yer bound to be disappointed and are forced to cope; 
To have all yer expectations met, there is just one way to live;
Share the Blues, ask for less, and with yer heart; freely give!
We serve up trite wisdom and happy assed horse pucky;
If you're smart you'll fall in line right behind the last ducky; 
The message most important for you to get is right in yer heart;
Treat all like you want to be treated and you'll be doin' yer part!

You can be filled with glee or take things serious as a heart attack;
It's all how you choose to accept the load ridin' on yer back; 
Responsibility ain't a curse, you know it just provides the lessons we need;
Dig the journey for the beauty it holds, and with peace yer soul will be freed!
'Tis the season to be thankful and spread the joy;
Don't matter if you got used sox or your favorite toy; 
That ain't what’s important, it's about the good all of you do;
And the cheer shared with all mankind from me and from you!
May your load be light and the New Year productive;
May doin' the right thing be the direction most seductive;
May the joy you feel pale when compared to the joy you spread;
And may you have love and sweet dreams come true dancin' in yer head!
As you reflect on the past and look forward to the new;
Reconcile the lessons learned and plan just what to do; 
Share the joy of the blues and make the world a better place;
Enjoy the moment, offer a kind hand and keep a steady pace!
The Blues are there for ya, yesterday, today and tomorrow;
It will put a smile on yer mug and chase away yer sorrow;   
It's a simple trick that should be shared with everyone every day;
That's how you can buy your saving grace without having to pay!

Adventure ain't so rare, it can happen to ya every day;
It's all how you look at it, ya know I just gotta say; 
Embrace the excitement of every minute, it's all there in yer heart;
Tune into Hammered By The Blues and let the music do its part!
Unlike spirits ya just can't take in too much blues;
You can imbibe all ya wants without payin' hard dues; 
In fact it has been said the more ya gets the better off you will be;
Come hang with us, we'll pour three fingers, the first round's on me!
The journey you take is determined by yer attitude;
Your spirit can soar or you can feel unjustly screwed; 
The power my friends, simply lives deep inside each of us;
Treat all likes you like to be treated and jump on our blues bus!
 Goin' back to yer roots is a journey you gotta make often;
Good memories are much better and even the pain will soften; 
 It's all part of who you are and what you want to grow up to be;
The blues makes the trip smooth and good friends are the key!

We always offer free advice to make yer day;
We lighten yer load and sends ya on yer way;
The Blues works for us and it will certainly work for you;
Share the beat, shake what ya gots and make others happy too!
Make sure you're locked and loaded when attackin' the day;
If ya gots the blues in yer heart, you'll be prepared I must say;
The journey can be hard, the battle fierce, but the prize is grand;
Convertin' souls, preachin' to the faithful and sharin' love across the land!
The demons outside aren't the ones you really need to fear;
You need to look inside to the ones you keep very near; 
They may be scary but I offer this simple wisdom to beat them all;
Treat all like you want to be treated and heed the pure Blues call!
You know travelin' for Blues is always a rewarding proposition;
It clears the mind, frees the spirit and puts yer mojo in transition; 
It don't matter how ya get there, by car, fast train, roller skates, or just yer feet;
Any adventure shared with blues lovers like you simply can not be beat!

We pander to yer youth, in the theater of the mind;
Inspirin' fun, and sharin' the blues with mankind;
Things just ain't as tough as we sometimes think it may be;
Just let them troubles drift away 'cause da blues is the key!
Life ain't never as hard as you make it so;
Don't sweat the bales you lift or barges you tow;
Embrace the joy of your very next breath and know all is good;
'Cause misery is just a fart in the breeze, gone now, just like it should!
The key to livin' well is right inside yer heart;
It ain't no big mystery or hard to master art;
Listen to message in the music and make yerself a little plan;
Tune in weekly to Hammered by the Blues and be a happy fan!
When ya needs a little help and don't know where to turn;
We have got a simple hint that ya just really gotta learn;
Grab some friends, a few cold brews and load the player with the blues;
Without effort, in a real short time, Happiness Stan will be givin' you cues!
Home is where the heart is and that is guaranteed;
It don't matter where you travel and plant yer seed;
It's a stone cold fact no matter where ya go, there you be;
Keep the blues in your heart, sharin' the love with all you see!

When lookin' for happiness, hang on to things small;
It's the simple pleasures that guarantee havin' a ball;
Dancin' in the rain, a deep belly laugh or a freely given smile;
Treat others like you would like to be and always go the extra mile!
If yer rollin' down the road lookin' for a friend;
Don't stop on the way, go on til you find the end;
We got a party goin' on at the juke joint with the flickerin' light;
Yer friends are here, we've got a cold one for ya and we rock all night!
We be killin' with kindness and deliverin' the love;
It comes straight at you, not surprisin' from above;
It's best to share the good stuff with friends and all you meet;
Just pop a cold one, we'll insure you are comfy in yer seat!
Wisdom and serenity always go hand in hand;
Just head down the high road as you travel the land;
Walk away from things you can't change, and soon you will see;
You'll have the power to change what you can and be set free!

We provide weekly wisdom, both cute and trite;
We just ease yer troubles and make ya feel alright;
It ain't no secret that the blues will cure all yer ills;
With dance filled hooks packed with chills and thrills!
We provide Blues Lovers the stuff needed to be winnin';
Preachin' both the joys and miseries inherent in sinnin';
The Blues provide both cautionary tales and the way to a great life;
Just keep dancin' like no ones watching and avoid the petty strife!
When yer spirit needs mendin' and yer mojo need calm;
We'll fire up the victrola and play a blues psalm;
Our goal is to leave ya'll better than when we found you;
You can share the message and make the world better too!
As the band takes virtual stage you know it's alright;
The beer is so cold and the company is outta sight;
This may not be heaven but you can sure see it from here;
Embrace the love of smokin' blues and keep good friends near!
Love is where you find it is our message today;
Don't hang on the sidelines, jump into the fray;
Youn might not find what you want but you'll get what you need;
This ain't no platitude or empty advice, this is our livin' blues creed!

If your lookin' for a purpose and a very clear way;
The path is obvious and just allow me to say;
You know you're all lookin' good from my point of view;
Just enjoy the here and now and sing those blues too!
Walkin' on the wild side is simply a mission in life;
You only go 'round once, have fun and avoid strife;
The lessons you learn will make you wiser and much more strong;
And please don't forget to take Hammered By The Blues along!
When yer gamblin' be sure to take the safe bet;
Only wager what you can lose after obligations met;
It's a surefire formula for winnin' for fun and payin' yer dues;
It'll leave some jing in yer jeans and ya won't be singin' the blues!
 When things seem hopeless and you need a hand;
There's only one place in this whole wide land;
We care for your spirit and minister with solid trues;
We always leave ya better off at Hammered By The Blues!
We will provide the fuel
         you bring the fire; 
Our passion for the blues will never tire; 
We spin the best and latest freely sharing the joy;
When we say the Blues can fix the world, we ain't bein' coy!
Passion is fueled in the mind, heart and soul;
This is a stone cold fact, we ain't takin' a poll; 
Share that passion and joy with every man and woman you meet;
The blues will always heal and inspire the world with it's heat!
The path you take is the one YOU choose; 
Just live yer dreams, ya gots nothin' to lose;
Carry the blues in yer soul and dance till ya can't;
Ya won't go wrong livin' by old
         Blueshammer's rant!
We have fun, but we take our mission serious; 
Spinnin' the right stuff for ya, fast and furious;
We convert those worth savin' and just smile at the rest;
When it's over ya know Hammered
         by the Blues did ya best!
Freedom starts as a feelin' deep down inside;
It ain't no big secret, and this I will confide; 
  The blues is born in struggle, makin' ya strong like they should; 
If it weren't for bad times, you couldn't appreciate the good!
We supply the inspiration, we know you appreciate;
If the world was perfect we could end all the hate; 
  We just keep sendin' out the love and blues to all of you; 
If you share that gift maybe the rest of 'em will get a clue!
When that opportunity knocks just open the door;
What you got ain't enough, you always need more; 
  We know what you need, so we deliver and satisfy; 
Hammered By The Blues delivers love to you on the fly!
Hold yer head high and keep yer spirit blue;
If times is tough, that's just what you gotta do; 
  Count yer friends twice and be grateful for what you got; 
Takin' the high road will always improve yer personal lot!
When lookin' for music, you demand the best;
Stick with the Blues and pass on the rest; 
  You deserve the quality that will blow the dust off yer shoes; 
We're ready to fill that order here at Hammered By The Blues!


We specialize in custom, but we will do it all; 
Make an appointment,
         we appreciate the call;  
  Our goal is to make you happy and provide just what you need; 
We keep the blues alive by carefully planting the seed!
If yer hangin' with friends or chillin' alone; 
         us to graciously toss ya a juicy bone;  
  When ya wanna keep it fresh and hear the latest news; 
Just turn your radio dial to Hammered ByThe Blues!
You makes yer own luck, you know it's true;
No matter if you be born a pink or sassy blue;  
  We finds our own path and travel it the best we can; 
Learnin' them lessons jumpin' from fire to fryin' pan!
Fear can paralyze and stomp
         yer roll flat; 
You can get on along if yer spirit is phat;  
  The blues is the best cure that we have ever found; 
To keep head held high and feet solid on the ground!


Sometimes we just tweek, others we overhaul;
We provide what ya need and give you our all; 
  Get yer blues fix regular and be sure to pay yer dues; 
We'll service ya 24-7 at Hammered By The Blues!
You know yer always welcome to drop on by;
We'll put on the coffee and serve a slice of pie; 
  It's OK to leave yer troubles at the door and relax a while; 
We'll leave ya with yer face plastered with a ten inch smile!
The force of the blues is surely hard to deny;
Altho the Grammy's keep givin' that a try; 
  True believers unnerstan' da facts and know da simple troot; 
The Blues is the mighty roots, all the rest is simply the fruit!
Whether you be tall or short and fat or thin;
If you say yer prayers at night or indulge in sin; 
  Just embrace those mighty blues for what they can do for us; 
There's always room on board the Hammered By The Blues bus!
Happiness ain't an option, it's a gotta;
It's best experienced with a whole lotta; 
  We'll do our best, tune in, you got nothin' to lose; 
We'll share the love at Hammered By The Blues!
We're yer one stop blues fix, we got what you need;
Just settle in, turn it up and let us plant the first seed; 
  You're hangin' with the best folks, bluesers one and all; 
Just relax, have fun and heed the blues siren call!
 We're on a mission and we don't waste time;
We can turn from acoustic to electric on a dime; 
  Our definition of the blues is broad and very free; 
Tune into Hammered By The Blues and you will see!
Time always seems to fly when yer havin' fun;
No matter if yer strollin' or takin' life on a run; 
  It's all grand when spent with friends like youse; 
Sendin' all our love from Hammered By The Blues!
Our job is easy, but we take it very serious;
Whether it's soft pickin' or drummin' furious; 
  We provide the new blues you just need to hear; 
We'll wear out yer shoes and get that glass eye to tear!
Life can be accidental or very well planned;
Just do your best when you finally land; 
  Don't get nervous but you just get one try; 
If you spill all the milk just please don't cry!
'Tis the season to embrace yer brothers;
Whether they be sisters or bunches of others; 
  Please open up your hearts, let peace and brotherhood reign; 
Sharin' the love with all God's Chill'ns, will ease the world's pain!
We are so grateful to have good friends like youse;
As we go 'bout sharin' those brand new blues; 
  The wish we send to you is never lost in our mirth; 
Good will, sweet dreams come true and peace on Earth!
New Years resolutions are made with good intentions;
Keepin' them takes resolve, not anyones interventions; 
  Make 'em simple, just try to be who you want to be; 
Then it'll be easy to keep 'em, just you wait and see!

When yer cool, the sun shines all the time;

         Whether you be soul shouter or
         quiet mime;  
  It's yer attitude that makes yer future bright; 
Carry the blues in yer heart and get yer head
Time can be fleetin' and moments slippin' by;
         the key to happiness give this a try;  
  Savor each moment like it might be yer last; 
Life will be fuller and not slippin' away fast!
Meetin' new friends is the best thing in life; 
It enriches your soul and calms all the strife;  
  Now that we know you, our mission is complete; 
Hammered By The Blues loves you and we saved ya a seat!
Sometimes in life we freely give up control; 
You might just find this can release your soul; 
  When yer hooked on the blues everything is alright; 
You'll be smilin' all day and long into the night!
Relationships come and relationships go;
That's just simply the nature of life's flow; 
  But one thing you can count on and believe in all year; 
Hammered By The Blues loves you and holds yer love dear!
The blues ain't just for goblins and spooks;
It's played at fests, in grand halls and jukes;
It puts a spring in yer step and keeps yer flow on a roll
If you don't feel the blues you have a hole in your soul!
Ya know it's religion when it speaks to the spirit; 
  Music binds your wounds, curing all when you hear it;
Just walk into the chapel, you can't help but see;
Salvation just for the asking, and we offer it free!
You may live in gray but dream in blue; 
  Ya gotta pay the piper what he is due;
When yer debt is paid, set yerself free;
Just live the dream and be what you can be!
Take a rocket ride that's full of thrills; 
  The back of yer neck will get the chills;
All the while, safe in yer comfy chair;
The price is right, we don't charge a fare!
Don't buy from a scalper, just pay at the door; 
  We play the stuff that fills the dance floor;
Eat, drink all ya want and try the pie;
When you ride with us you won't get no DUI!
Whether it's near by or you travel far; 
  Ridin' the rails, drivin a tractor, bike or car;
All we wanna do is make you happy;
So dial us up and make it snappy!
If there's smoke, there is bound to be fire; 
  We lay out hot blues on the musical pyre;
Just for some fun or maybe some dares;
Dial us on in and torch all your cares!
Ya know we got yer back, ya know we care; 
  Hammered By The Blues is always there;
We play the blues, no if, and, or maybe;
'Cause in the end, Who Loves Ya baby!
Step on up and toss caution to the wind; 
  Whether you're pure of heart or recently sinned;
We take on all comers, that is for sure;
Preachin' the blues and leavin' your mojo pure!
Soup for the soul and candy for the ear; 
  Just crank up yer radio and hold it near;
Hammered By The Blues gots what ya need;
 Cuttin' chains that bind so yer soul is freed!
A trip to the blues Doctor will never hurt; 
  We feed yer mind and provide dessert;
At the end of the session you'll feel great;
 'Cause ya don't gain pounds from the music you ate!
We don't batter or bruise it's love we share; 
  Go ahead lay back in your favorite chair;
The blues will heal you and melt away strife;
 'Cause that's the secret of a beautiful life!
We gots our mission and we're always true; 
  Even when we borrow to play somethin' blue;
We will always make you satisfied;
 We'll leave ya fried, dyed and laid to the side!
Come fly with us and drift away; 
  The best new blues we will always play;
No hassle or fuss as we travel the road;
 Just sweet relief as we lighten yer load!
Sweet valentines wishes for you and yer Honey; 
  The best of gifts don't cost you no money;
Just dial us up and hold yer Baby tight;
 We play the blues so's you can dance all night!
Blues is a religion, that's for sure; 
  We exorcize demons and provide the cure;
Life is too short to miss it all;
 Just tune on in, then give Mom a call!
We cooked the fest and served it just for you; 
  We added soul, rock, R & B and a dash of blue;
We're glad we could share this meal fit for a king;
  Just belly up when ya hear the dinner bell ring!
We dropped the markers and lit the path; 
  It's a matter of direction with out the math;
The audio crumbs that we left behind;
 Will rock yer world and blow yer mind!
It don't matter what time of the year; 
  We serve the freshest stuff for your tender ear;
Hammered By The Blues provides the best;
  Just tune on in, 'cause there ain't no test!
When the weathers cold and you need some heat; 
  Just turn up the radio and grab a seat;
Hammered By The Blues has got the stuff;
  That'll warm you up just enough!
The church we worships in ain't got no pews; 
  What we preach does good and heals all of you's;
Salvation is near, just tune into our show;
  Hammered By The Blues on yer old radio!
When you roll with us on Hammered By The Blues;
 You'll hear old and new, ya gots nothin' to lose;
Whether rockin' yer chair or scuffin' yer boots;
 We will soothe your soul right down to the roots.
When you dial us in tight you'll readily see;
 The listenin' is easy and we gots tickets for free;
Take in all ya likes and sample the Trout;
 We be rockin' your soul, of that there's no doubt.
Whether you listen alone or with a bunch of friends;
 You'll enjoy the sweet feelin' that the blues sends;
So dial us in every Sunday to get yer respite;
 Where we rock yer heart and let yer soul take flight .
Call the neighbors; share the news;
 when ya roll with us, ya gots nothin' to lose;
Leave yer cares behind, no hassles or strife;
embrace dem blues and it'll change yer life!
We plays those blues, straight from the heart;
 Just set the radio dial and you've done your part;
You'll forget your troubles in the hour we shares;
 When ya gots da blues, dial in someone who cares.
We roll the Blues Highway, both paved and dirt road;
 Let your troubles drift away and lighten yer load;
It's all up to you to remember our date;
 Just dial KOWZ on in and don't you be late.
Whether you're a lowly peasant or even the king;
 The blues that we play will make yer heart sing;
We'll hit all 12 bars when we hang out this night;
 Shakin' our booty to KOWZ for all your delight.
The first thing to do is dial in someone who cares;
 'cause when ya gots the blues, it's good to shares ;
Crank us up loud, don't be shy like yer lurkin';
 We shoots ya the blues so's yer mojo be workin' .
If ya gots da blues then get yer bones shakin';
 We has a goood time, no posin' no fakin' ;
From our handcrank victrola we be spreadin' the news;
 From blues newbies to legends we plays the who's who's.
When yer feelin' down and battered by strife;
 Ya needs a blues tonic to change yer poor life;
Tune in as we do our job and work our magic;
 'cause If ya miss the blues it would be sooo tragic.
Don't get all depressed 'cause ya can't say no;
 Join our healin' hour whether yer rich or dirt po';
Our mission is simple, just one of basic trues;
 We will cure what ails ya with a dose of the blues.
Some times it looks bleek when things get tough;
 But we gots the cure, just grab you enough;
At our blues buffet you know it's all good;
 So join us this week in our blues neighborhood.
We gots the elixir to sooth your soul;
 Whether we go real fast or slow our roll;
We plays the blues you want to hear;
 While sittin' on yer porch enjoyin' cold beer.
Tune us in and turn it up 'cause we make it easy;
 We plays those blues that are so hip and sleazy;
Invite the neighbors and have a grand Blues Bash;
 It'll be the best of the year and won't cost ya no cash.
With Tasty BBQ and tons of love;
 We fit your tastes like a favorite glove;
Enjoy this sample and prepare for the meal;
 C'mon out and join us at Smokin' In Steele!
If ya loves to eat with out sufferin' the guilt;
 Just tune us in and crank it up to the hilt;
You can take all ya want, it won't make ya fat;
 We plays the best blues for ya, and that is that!
Now before the weeks' over we've got a hot date;
 Ya know where to come, and don't dare to be late;
If ya likes your 'Q hot and yer blues the real deal;
 We'll see ya this week at Smokin' In Steele!
There are things we count on like death and taxes;
 Tune us in and you can count on Mississippi Saxes;
Hammered By The Blues is your friend indeed;
 When ya gots the blues and yer soul's in need!
From guitars that scream to horns that moan;
 We plays the blues so you won't be alone;
Whether yer in the car or on the back porch;
 We support the music and carry the torch!
We got just what ya need in blues screamin' hot;
 We make the blind see and the dead get up off their cot;
It's only good sense to Tune in to Hammered By The blues;
 We hold nothin back so's you got nothin' to lose!
Cross over to the AM and catch blues testifyin';
 You'll dance your shoes afire and we ain't liein';
It'll tighten yer abs, yer booty and it's painless;
 D.ance A.nd S.tay Y.oung is  the advice of 'Shameless'!
We amaze, we amuse and we strive to satisfy;
 Bringing the blues to you from our very first try;
It's our mission from God, we be payin' our dues;
 You'll always  find us at Hammered By The Blues!
We introduce you to blues friends both old and new;
 From the old homestead mailbox we pull out our que;
Screamin' guitar, hot vocals, keyboards and some sax;
 It don't cost you much 'cause there ain't no blues tax!
When it comes to great blues we got the stuff;
 We don't waste yer time talkin' about some fluff;
This week we did country blues both raw and mellow;
 Walkin' barefoot in the sun so bright and yellow!
Think intense heat, then think about more;
 This ain't blues hot sauce you can buy at the store;
We provide warning labels and advise you take care;
 If you're too close to the speaker, you might lose yer hair!
With Tommy Castro he preaches cool Blue Soul;
 He will heal those wounds, and that'd be our goal;
We add some Ms. Hayes just to make it alright;
 Then Watermelon takes wheel to bring all home at night!
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls;
 We'll fill yer ears and tighten yer curls;
Hammered By The Blues is yer friend indeed;
 When yer mojo needs cleanin' and yer spirit freed!
We beg your indulgence and set yer soul free;
 Improving the world is up to you and me;
I will do my part if you will do yours;
 Just dial in Sunday and we'll blow off yer doors!
We made all our plans and asked you to come;
 It's a great big party and we play the blues some;
Just drop in those batteries and crank it up loud;
 With Hammered By The Blues you'll do yourself proud!
This week we got the gals who'll make you sweat;
 Please join us on air for a sweet tet a tet;
You'll thank us for sure and be beggin' for more;
 Just pull down yer shades and be boltin' yer door!
We spare no expense and we will travel far;
 To bring the blues, from fests and smoky bar;
You will find us for sure, my fine daddios;
 On yer dimestore pocket transistor RADios!
When the fall rolls in and the bounty's good;
 We lay out a sweet spread, just like we should;
Blues come in all colors, shapes and sizes;
 Just tune in, crank it up and collect yer prizes!
It has been said 'The Blues is Alright';
 It shakes your booty and makes yer mojo tight;
We serve the blues you simply need to hear;
 Just crank up the dial and keep yer radio near!
Jump in for your pleasure, at your own risk;
 We make it real steamy as we spin that 'ol disk;
We won't stop til you drop down and plead;
 Hammered By The Blues is yer friend indeed!
Just when ya thought it was safe, it's not;
 We shake, rattle, roll and knock out the snot;
A tune up like this is hard to appreciate;
 Unless you're hard core and not an initiate!
Life can be cruel and when you need a break;
 Just bask in great blues, for heavens sake;
You troubles will fade and the stress goes away;
 Just take our advice and it will all be OK!
The blues gots more feelin' than top 40 hits;
 It pounds keys, bends strings and smashes kits;
It comes from the heart and speaks to the soul;
 Fine tunin' yer Mojo is our main goal!
I sends ya my poems each and every week;
 Just tryin' to get yer blues interest to peek;
When ya remembers to tune in it is so grand;
 To the faithful I extend  a clap 'o the hand!
Fightin' For Peace is Like Screwin' for virginity; 
  Tho our leaders think they can do it with impunity;
 We gots a better way to stand up for fellow man;
   We plays the blues and extends a helpin' hand!
Take the blues challenge and tune in today; 
  All your cares and woes will sure go away;
Your path will be simple and your life better too;
  If you treat all folks like you want them to treat you!
We take the hot and make it hotter; 
  We don't need no magic from Harry Potter;
Just drop on by and we'll show ya how;
  The time is right and the time is now!
When ya needs the comfort of family and friends; 
  We do our best to make sweet amends;
Hammered By The Blues will ease your troubled mind;
  When the world gets ya down and you're caught in a bind!
When ya open the big one, no matter what it reads; 
  It came from us, we share love and plant the seeds;
Hammered By The Blues will make your spirit bright;
  And make sure that yer happy and to all a good night!
'Tis the time to hang with family and friends; 
  Our good cheers to you we freely sends;
Toss another log on the old yule pire;
  And let us tune yer mojo with good blues fire!
Fill out yer list and check it twice; 
  We gots Christmas Blues at a great price;
It won't cost a thing just tune in;
  And don't forget to invite yer kin!
As we end the year we check out the new; 
  Playin' new stuff is what we do for you ;
All ya gotta do is log on in to our site;
  And Hammered By The Blues will fill yer night!
C'Mon and join me in blueshammers garden;  
  Do it today before yer arteries harden;
No matter what yer age, we'll leave ya feelin' young; 
Before the last note is played and the last verse sung!
It's the simple things that herald change;  
  Witnessed in the cities and the open range;
Share the love of the blues and pass it on; 
You'll change the world, don't cha know, Mon!
When ya needs a break from hopey change;  
  While the other stations play musical mange;
We always stay true to our mission from God; 
On the airwaves, your computer or on yer I-pod!
If it's time to reflect on mistakes of the past;  
  And your lookin' for some healin' blues that last;
It's a simple formula, one that we approve; 
Tune into the show and ride the whole groove!
If you feel the faith, if you have the spirit;  
  Just turn up yer radio and get real near it;
We preach the gospel of the twelve bar blues; 
Revel in the glory and spread the good news!
Where change is different from the same;  
  It may get wild or stay kinda tame;
If you dance thru life like no one can see; 
You'll smile all day 'cause your spirit is free!
When yer problems are thorny late at night;  
  We got the solution to make you right;
Embrace those blues and let yer spirit soar; 
Feel the healing power all the way to your core!
In a world filled with struggle and strife;  
  Music is an ambassador that touches every life;
The blues is our tool to make misery cease; 
And to all God's Chill'ns, bring a little peace!
Peace is a concept born from respect;  
  How we treat each other, we must reflect;
It is really so simple as you can see; 
Act less like a 'me' and embrace the 'we'!
Age is just a number after all is said;  
  If yer feelin' aged the problem's in yer head;
Come try our cure, ya ain't got nothin' to lose; 
Take a deep breath and crank up those blues!
The best way to hear music is do it live;  
  Whether fest, juke joint or smokey dive;
If ya can't get out or afford the tix; 
Hammered By The Blues has got yer fix!
If things look dark and yer futures' bleak;  
  When you give up hope and yer knees are weak;
Dial us in 'cause we can cure yer ills; 
Hammered By The Blues got yer magic pills!
Just take a chance and walk on the wild side;  
  Ain't no one gettin' hurt and ain't nobody died;
Ya just gotta dance like nobody can see; 
Happy dancin' is the prescription for longevity!
 Don't pout or beg or drop to yer knees;  
  We do it for love, we just aim to please;
The blues will heal and make ya feel alright; 
Leave yer troubles behind and dance all night!
When ya need to recharge and feel the peace;  
  You can always come home, we extended yer lease;
Life can be hard, so let us provide some healin'; 
Hammered By The Blues will leave ya good feelin'!
Take a chance and walk on the wild side;  
  If yer smilin' you got nothin' to hide;
Life is way to short and death is long; 
The trip is best with yer soul filled with song!
We don't judge or even proselytize;  
  Just be who ya are and live king size;
The road is long but all is good; 
Just embrace the blues like ya know ya should!
Blues lovers are good, maybe even the best; 
  Don't take my word for it, put 'em to the test;
Adopt a blues band when you go out at night;
They will rock yer world and roll ya just right!
As days get shorter and the nights grow long; 
  Hear the gospel of the blues and sing a song;
It will heal your soul and warm your tired bones;
Dial us up today and we'll cure your blues jones!
When the fates have turned against you; 
  And the tides have sunk yer boat;
Don't fret about what might’ve been;
Just turn on yer back and float!
Resurrection is quick but the path is hard; 
  You start fresh, no longer hurt and scarred;
The price you pay is the best deal around;
Just listen close to the salvation blues sound!
Catch the blues in yer car or on the porch; 
  We'll serve it up hot with licks that scorch;
You can boogie up right or dance in yer chair;
Count on us, just tune on in and we'll be there!
Catchin' a cool breeze and rhythm of the road; 
 Will ease your mind and lighten your load;
You know life is short and the road is long;
Let us fill your journey with a blues song!
When the moon rises it may get scary; 
 In the dark forest you should not tary;
Salvation we offer and our word are trues;
Love conquers all when you gots dem blues!

When Mondays show up faster than last months bills;

  It can weigh heavy and give ya the chills;

If ya needs a day brightener follow my lead;

  Dial up Blue Monday Monthly for a satisfyin' read!



We'll take that ride down dusty virtual road; 
 We wheel into Big Mama's in full party mode;
It's a party of note you won't soon forget;
'Specially if ya dance with the hot brunette!
When you drop by to visit, we lay out a spread; 
 It's our duty to make ya happy with ears well fed;
We take role of host serious and won't disappoint;
We give quality and value at our virtual juke joint!
We wanna hang wit' ya each week, that's true; 
 We shares the new stuff picked special for you;
'Taint no big deal but it's always great fun;
We likes to leave ya smilin' when we are done!
"I think he died of a Tuesday, Stan Laurel was famed to say;
But they wouldn't go at all if they caught the blues that day;
You can ensure yer good health with a fresh dose of blues;
Doctor Blueshammer is dispensing right now for all of youse!"
We loves the blues and hope you do too; 
 We try to entice with most every shade of blue;
It's our mission from God, we're yer big Blues Brother;
On our show we'll share with you like no other!
We gots the Rev, Shaun Murphy and Chris Bell; 
 It may not be heaven, but it sure ain't hell;
We strive to entertain and provide trite distraction;
Hammered By The Blues delivers complete satisfaction!
We issue the challenge and toss out the dare; 
 Get your keister on up and outta that chair;
We'll supply the inspiration you supply the sweat;
You know dancin' to stay young is the best bet!
We gots the spirit and this is the season; 
 We play Christmas blues and you know the reason;
We promote peace on earth and love in your heart;
Snugglin' up with the blues is just the best part!
Tis the season to share the love and speak from the heart; 
 We can have peace on earth if we all do our part;
Treat all you meet like you want 'em to treat you;
You'll make the world a better place, you know I speak true!
If ya likes harp, quiet guitar and mandolin; 
Hammered ByThe Blues welcomes ya in;
Our preachin' cuts thru the chaff and the fetter;
We'll set yer spirit free and make ya feel better!
 If you gots the time, we surely gots the place; 
 Just tune on in and we will plead our case;
We will change yer life, and we don't tease;
Hammered By The Blues just aims to please!
Class don't start 'til you get here; 
 Knowledge is power, don't you fear;
The blues will make you strong and set you free;
At Hammered By The Blues we don't charge a fee!
Now I really don't know, but I've been told;
  Age is just an attitude, you don't need to get old; 
 If you embrace them blues and dance all night;
 Yer mind'll stay sharp and yer abs will be tight!
It ain't no secret, we just like to have fun;
    We'll dance in dark bars, or out in the sun;
  If we ain't livin' longer, we're sure livin' best;
 Singin' the blues while takin' our good livin' test!
When ya walk thru the dark don't be alone;
  Friends by yer side are better than cell phone;
We gots yer back while yer payin' life's dues;
 Hangin' wit' you at Hammered By The Blues!
We care for you to keep things right;
Makin' needle sharp and belt drive tight;  
A weekly tune up is like payin yer dues; 
Get whatcha need at Hammered By The Blues!
We been cookin' all day preparin' for you;
 Please be on time, we hope yer hungry too; 
We'll fill yer ears with nothin' but the best;   
At Hammered By The Blues yer our honored guest!
We got no guilt, we wanna enjoy the meal;
There ain't no greens or even grapes to peel; 
We indulge in blues takin' as much as we can;
 Leavin' smiles on every blues woman and man!
The party's startin', and we're raisin' the roof;
C'mon join on in, it don't pay to play aloof; 
We aims to have fun and we're shootin' true;  
Crank it up loud 'cause we be workin' blue!
We live for the moment and treasure the past;
We party hard so's those memories will last; 
We be trippin' light fantastic and tippin' a few;     
We invite just the best, especially friends like you!
Virtual road trips don't waste no gas;
We don't burn rubber when we try to pass; 
We can even tip a few as the mile posts fly;     
When drivin' yer rocker you can't catch no DUI!
Ya know gettin' yer blues in shape will never sting;
It's where the mind goes, the body follows thing; 
Our job is to inspire and turn yer mojo loose;    
Dancin' yer spirit free while tightenin' yer caboose!
Summers is near and the time is right;
Shed yer cares and let spirit take flight; 
Get yer swagger on ya gots nothin' to lose;     
With help from us at Hammered By The Blues!
We deliver direct, the best and the fresh;
Hand selected and blended so flavors mesh; 
We feed yer ears and set yer spirit jumpin' free;     
Travel the highway with us 'cause we gots the key!
Your workout should always include friends;
Sharin' the pain you won't make amends; 
Movin' forward together and never look back;  
Share the joy so happiness you will never lack!
Sinful ain't bad when describin' extra good;
You can burn it off if ya dance like ya should; 
We'll provide inspiration, you supply the sweat; 
When you indulge in excess we'll help pay the debt!
We can enter and exit life much the same way;
Wearin' them diapers and complainin' all day; 
It can be a great trip between if you so choose; 
Just cherish the ride and dig them sweet blues!
When things seem kinda dark and sorta scary;
We move right along and don't want to tary; 
Just come into the light and pick up these cues; 
We're always here for ya at Hammered By The Blues!
We danced in the fields and under the stars;
Beaker Street on the AM rockin' from our cars; 
That was old school and how we used to roll; 
One things the same, summertime still warms yer soul!
Age is just a number, stayin' young a state of mind;
If ya get yer head right, the years will treat ya kind; 
Get wisdom from experience and always pay yer dues; 
Always lend a helpin' hand, and be sure to share them blues!
Why stand still when you can move along;
Just feel the rhythm in yer heart full of song; 
Life is short but the journey can be great; 
Stoppin' to smell the roses won't make you late!
Summer is here so kick out yer yaya;
We play just the blues, no Lady Gaga; 
We likes to have fun and shake our ass; 
Soakin' up sun and dancin' in the grass!
So, ya gotta have fun to make this all work;
It's better lendin' a hand than bein' a jerk; 
Yer life will be better and the world will be too; 
If ya treats all ya meet like ya want 'em to treat you!
I'm pourin' high test, please have one on me;
It goes down smooth as you will surely see; 
We bring sight to the blind and help the crippled walk; 
We dispense the pure D healin' blues, no empty talk!
If yer lookin' for a free ride yer on the wrong track;
We're into sweat equity, ya'll got to give some back; 
We'll provide the inspiration, you gotta give up the sweat; 
Dancin' to duos, trios and even the special house quartet!
Enjoy the sun when it shines in the sky;
No need to consider or even ask why; 
Take the advice freely given and share gratitude; 
Life is way too short to not dig the ride, Dude!
We make a difference when we share the praise;
It dispells the darkness and gives spirits a raise; 
It ain't the destination, it's how we enjoy the trip; 
Always choose the high road if ya'll wanna be hip!
Whether drivin' the couch or dusty back road;
We shoulder yer burdens to lighten yer load; 
It's the least we can do, believe me we checked; 
Our simple goal is to leave yer boredom wrecked!
It don't matter how big they are, they will all fall;
Just use yer dazzlin' dance moves and be 10 ft tall; 
When it's all said and the bell has rung loud; 
Just shout out I'm a blueser and mighty proud!
With a journey of the mind you don't need a map;
It starts with serendipity and ends up with a nap; 
You know we'll care for ya and pay the piper his dues; 
When ya take the trip called Hammered By The Blues!
When you need to get nourished deep in yer soul;
We restore to a rich blue cast, not black as coal; 
  We always leave ya better than when we found you; 
Thats what friends are for, that's just what we do!
 Tho' the economy's shaky and things look bleak;
We jump in the music to find what we seek; 
  We embrace the positive and shine on the bad; 
Dancin' down the blues highway will make ya feel glad!
The cure is simple and the medicine's sweet;
Just feel the music and start movin' yer feet; 
  We can fix the worlds' problems, but it starts with you; 
Share the joy of the blues and others will share it too!
Happiness is easy if ya follows the clues;
Just treat all others well and pay yer dues; 
  Show tolerance for folks that can't find their way; 
And be sure to take a large dose of blues every day!
Now, the best way for you to face yer fear;
Always starts by keepin' good friends near; 
  Then call in the experts from Hammered By The Blues; 
At the end of the session, all yer fears you will lose!
Regular maintenance keeps yer mojo clean;
It don't take long, you know what we mean; 
  It's just an hour a week with friends by yer side; 
Hammered By The Blues is the best thing you've tried!
We rhyme ya, rock ya and rolls ya out the door;
It is so good to leave it all on the dance floor; 
  We can't make ya younger, but you'll enjoy whatcha got; 
'Cause shakin' and shimmyin' make ya'll look hot!
Now we may not be doctors but we do operate;
We toss care to the wind and embrace our fate; 
  We hope for all the time in the world before we go into the night; 
But 'right now' is all the time ya need if'n ya learn to live right!
We'll service ya right no matter the need;
We never follow, we always take the lead; 
  We play just fresh new stuff, ya gots nothin' to lose; 
Ya'll come back and visit at Hammered By The Blues!
The time is right and the music is sweet;
Just hang around a bit and feel the heat; 
  We'll fire up the turntable and play some of the best; 
Put the speakers in the window and have a backyard fest!
Sometimes the load we carry can be great;
It can cause illness or irrational hate; 
  The Blues is the cure and we dispense it for free; 
Relax, take a dose of the 12 bar and you gots the key!
Ya gots to take a chance and set yerself free;
Cast off yer troubles and surely you will see; 
  Lovin' the blues is the best way to travel the road; 
Rejoice and feel the freedom as you lose your load!

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Witch Doctor

One Day